Here you will find a list of tools implemented at the University of West Georgia and links to sites that will allow you to check the operation status of those tools. You can view the Known Issues page to check for known issues and possible work arounds.

  • Cengage
    Mindlink & LMS Integration   Check Status
  • Collaborate Ultra
    Collaborate Ultra - Live   Check Status
  • CourseDen / D2L (UWG Online)
    CourseDen / D2L Georgia View Online Learning - XPROD Check Status
    As of January 2019, Brightspace D2L's Georgia View servers (the learning management system on which CourseDen runs) are on a Continuous Delivery cycle that applies application updates incrementally with no further need for scheduled maintenance periods or downtimes. 
    In the event of Unscheduled Maintenance, the most current information regarding the availability will be posted at the USG Status Page. For CourseDen status updates you can use the link above. 
  • Georgia ONmyLine
    Georgia ONmyLine   Check Status
  • Google
    Analytics   Check Status
    Calendar   Check Status
    Drive   Check Status
    Gmail   Check Status
    Groups   Check Status
    Google+   Check Status
    Hangouts   Check Status
    Sites (Dashboard)   Check Status
  • GoView (eCore, eMajor, WebMBA, EU)
    GoView  Georgia View Online Learning - XPROD Check Status
      Maintenance Schedule: Every other Friday & Saturday Fri 10:00pm - Sat 7:00am
  • Grammarly
    Grammarly   Check Status
  • INGRESS Registration Sharing System
    INGRESS   Check Status
  • Kaltura
    Kaltura   Check Status
  • McGraw-Hill


      Check Status
  • Numara
    Numara (Footprints)   N/A
  • OneLogin
    OneLogin   Check Status
  • SmarterServices
    SmarterMeasure   Check Status
    SmarterProctoring   Check Status
  • Smarthinking
    Smarthinking   Check Status
  • TeamViewer
    TeamViewer   Check Status
  • Turnitin
    Turnitin   Check Status
      Maintenance Schedule: 1st & 3rd Saturdays of each month 10:00am - 2:00pm
  • YouTube
    YouTube   Check Status