Our B.B.A. in Management Information Systems (MIS) prepares students for careers such as business systems analyst, database administrator, or cybersecurity analyst.  Additionally, students can focus their studies in one of our two concentrations: Enterprise Systems and Data Analytics , and IoT, Networking, and Cyber Security. We also encourage students to pursue professional certifications such as Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) or the SAS Certification. 

For more information, please see the Academic Catalog. A program map, which provides a guide for students to plan their course of study, is available for download in the Courses tab below.

  • Overview

    While certain core MIS courses are required, students are also permitted to tailor the degree to their own interests.  Students can select one of our two concentrations, participate in our annual study abroad program, or pursue an internship.  More information is available using the tabs above including a program of study for each of our MIS concentrations.


    Program Location

    Carrollton Campus

    Method of Delivery

    Partially online (approx 50%); students may be required to take exams on the Carrollton campus.



    The University of West Georgia is accredited by The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

    The Richards College of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business - International (AACSB-I).

    Credit and transfer

    Total semester hours required: 120

  • Cost

    This program may be earned more than 50% online but not entirely online - multiple campus visits are required (varying by course).

    Save money

    UWG is often ranked as one of the most affordable accredited university of its kind, regardless of the method of delivery chosen. In addition, online courses and programs can mean a cost-savings in many non-evident ways: No more high gas charges. No childcare needed. The flexibility can allow one to maintain a job while attending school. Regardless of state residency, out-of-state non-resident students are not charged non-resident tuition for online course credit hours.


    • Total tuition costs and fees may vary, depending on the instructional method of the courses in which the student chooses to enroll.
    • The more courses a student takes in a single term, the more they will typically save in fees and total cost.
    • Face-to-Face or partially online courses are charged at the general tuition rate and all mandatory campus fees, based on the student's residency (non-residents are charged at a higher rate).
    • Fully or entirely online course tuition rates and fees my vary depending on the program. Students enrolled in exclusively online courses do not pay non-Resident rates.
    • Together this means that GA residents pay about the same if they take all face-to-face or partially online courses as they do if they take only fully online courses exclusively; while non-residents save money by taking fully online courses.
    • One word of caution: If a student takes a combination of face-to-face and online courses in a single term, they will pay both all mandatory campus fees and the higher eTuition rate.
    • For the cost information, as well as payment deadlines, see the Student Accounts and Billing Services website

    There are a variety of financial assistance options for students, including scholarships and work study programs. Visit the Office of Financial Aid's website for more information.

  • Courses


    Major Courses:

    • CISM 3335
    • CISM 3340
    • CISM 3350
    • CISM 4310
    • MGNT 4660

      Major Select Courses (choose three courses from the following:

    • CISM 4330 *
    • CISM 4350 *
    • CISM 4355
    • CISM 4382
    • CISM 4386
    • CISM 4390
      * SAP Student Recognition Award.  If you complete CISM 3330, 4330 & 4350 with a grade of C or better you will be recognized and receive a certificate from SAP University Alliances

    More information about this is available here in the online course catalog.


    Major Required

    • CISM-3335 - Business Programming and Web Design

      This course introduces students to basic programming and web page design. Specific emphasis will be placed on introducing students to web development applications, content management systems, and programming languages.

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    • CISM-3340 - Data Resource Management and Design

      Application of development tools and languages (e.g., DBMS, Visual Basic, etc.) for business problem solving in a database environment.

      View Instructors, Syllabi and Other Details

    • CISM-3350 - Introduction to Networking and IoT

      This course is designed to introduce the student to IoT and networking technology applications, including the OSI model, network topologies, IP addressing, IPX addressing, subnet masks, routing theory, switching terminology, router configuration, and switch configuration. Topics include IoT applications, basic functions of the seven layers of the OSI model, different classes of IP addressing and subnetting, router setup, routing protocol setup, VLANS, switching technology, and emerging trends in IoT and networking. WAN technologies and network design theory are also covered.

      View Instructors, Syllabi and Other Details

    • CISM-4310 - Business Systems Analysis and Design

      Develop knowledge for business systems analysis and design processes including familiarization with tools and techniques of SA/D and development of problem solving skills.

      View Instructors, Syllabi and Other Details

    • MGNT-4660 - Strategic Management

      An integrative approach to the study of the total enterprise from the executive management's point of view--the environment in which it operates, the direction management intends to head, management's strategic plan and the task of implementing and executing the chosen strategy. Must be taken no earlier than one semester before graduation and provided completion of Core Area F business courses and MGNT 3600, MKTG 3803, FINC 3511 and ECON 3402. Must have senior standing.

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    Major Selects

    • CISM-4330 - Enterprise Architecture

      An introduction to the theoretical and practical issues related to Enterprise Architecture (EA). EA is the organizing structure for business processes and IT infrastructure. Top performing organizations know how to design their business processes and IT infrastructure for success of their current operations, and the most successful companies know how to expand their EA to enable innovation and to seize a competitive advantage for the future. This course will introduce students to EA concepts and will equip students with design thinking tools and knowledge needed to extend an organization’s EA. Specific emphasis will be placed on using SAP enterprise systems design tools. Same as MGNT 4330.

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    • CISM-4350 - Enterprise and Decision Support Systems

      An introduction to the theoretical and practical issues related to enterprise and decision support systems. Will introduce students to the technologies involved in these systems and will examine the need to share, communicate, and manage organizational information for integration and decision making. Specific emphasis will be placed on using enterprise systems such as Greenway's PrimeSuite or SAP's enterprise system.

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    • CISM-4355 - Cyber Security

      Business and government are facing a rapidly expanding need for information security professionals. This course surveys important skills in information security program design, networking and application security, the development of information security safeguards and information security auditing, disaster recovery, policy development, identity management, and effective threat assessment. This course is only for MIS majors.

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    • CISM-4386 - Business Internship (Management Information Systems)

      Practical internship experience with a commercial firm or organization for selected junior or senior students. (Students will be given a written agreement specifying course credit hours and grading system to be used).

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    • CISM-4390 - Business Intelligence and Data Mining

      This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of business intelligence and several data mining software tools that enable organizations to strive for business intelligence.

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  • Faculty
  • Admissions

    Guidelines for Admittance

    Specific requirements associated with the following areas: Freshman   Adult Learners   Transfer   International   Home School   Joint / Dual Enrollment   Transient    Auditor    Post-Baccalaureate Non-Degree Seeking   Readmission

    Program Specific Admittance Guidelines

    Undergraduate Priority Deadlines

    Fall Semester - June 1
    Spring Semester - November 15
    Summer Semester - May 15

    Application Deadlines

    Contact the Office of Admissions for additional information.

    Admission Process Checklist


  • Dates

    Specific dates for Admissions (Undergraduate only), Financial Aid, Fee Payments, Registration, Start/End of term, Final Exams, etc. are available in THE SCOOP.

  • Objectives

    MIS 1: MIS majors will demonstrate a more comprehensive knowledge of MIS concepts and principles as compared to non-mis BBA majors as a whole.

    MIS 2: MIS majors will be able to develop a working, dynamic website.

    MIS 3: MIS majors will be able to design a relational database that is at least in Third Nominal Form (3NF).

    MIS 4: MIS majors will utilize data flow diagrams to accurately depict the movement of data within systems.