• Grad Studies Prior Learning Work Experience

  • Prospective students who fit the following criteria are eligible to participate in CPL:
    1. They are adults; typically 25 years of age or older.
    2. They are non-traditional students.
    3. They have learning experiences that could be reflected in an academic program's curriculum.

  • Course credit via CPL by Portfolio may not replace existing credit assessments. Course credit acquired through these means cannot be used to satisfy the minimum number of hours that must be completed in residence at UWG, nor toward minimum hours in the major field (See the University catalog requirements for undergraduate degrees).

  • Students may not conduct PLA by departmental examination, standardized test, or portfolio for any courses for which they have previously completed at UWG as a regular or audit student.

  • Students are required to complete CPL Prior Learning Documentation in preparation for developing portfolio(s) for credit evaluation, preferably prior to their last semester. Students will earn two hours credit and a letter grade of A-F for this course.

  • Students must register for Portfolio Assessment in the appropriate department(s) in the term that they will submit a portfolio for evaluation.

  • Credit may be awarded after the first submission, in which case the student will be notified that credit has been granted. The assessors may specifically outline areas for improvement and allow students to resubmit their documentation one time during the next semester. The assessors will provide a report giving specific feedback to students. Students may resubmit a revised portfolio only once for re-assessment, and must include the original portfolio submission and previous assessor's feedback.

  • Individual departments determine how many, if any, CPL credits may be awarded.

  • Students may appeal the outcome of the CPL assessment through the University's Grade Appeal process.

  • Students can pursue Credit for Prior Learning through a variety of pathways, to include CLEP exams, departmental exams, and portfolio assessment. Portfolio assessment is available for select courses and cannot be used for courses for which CLEP and/or departmental exams are available.

  • Note: CPL is handled on a department-by-department basis. Please contact the department for the program you are interested in for more information.