Freshmen are students who have never attended a college or university following their graduation from high school. Freshman students include Home Schooled students and Non-Traditional students (Aged 23 and Over).


Transfer students are students who have previously attended another college or university prior to attending UWG. Transfer requirements vary depending on whether or not a student has more than 30 or less than 30 transferable semester hours.

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment allows students to attend college prior to graduating from high school. The program allows students to simultaneously earn high school and college credits at the same time. This program is formerly known at UWG as Move on When Ready. Students in the Carroll County School System and Coweta County School System are eligible for Go West Early cohort programs. 

Former Students

Former students are those that have attended the University of West Georgia before, were not dual-enrolled while in high school, have sat out for a year or more, and are looking to return to complete an undergraduate degree. Please complete the readmission form here.

Non-Degree Seeking

Non-Degree Seeking students are attending UWG as visitors. These visiting students include:

  • Transients - students who are actively enrolled at another institution but wish to spend one semester at UWG,
  • Auditors - students who wish to take courses for personal enrichment and do not receive course credit, and
  • Post-Baccalaureate - students who have previously received a degree and are taking additional course work not focused on a second degree.


Students who are seeking a VISA to study in the United States or are already in the country on a current VISA.