Freshman FAQ

Can I send my official high school transcripts before I graduate from high school?

Absolutely! We encourage applicants to submit their official preliminary high school transcripts. The sooner you send us your official transcripts and receive an admission decision, the more options you will have for classes, on-campus housing, and financial aid.

I sent my test scores more than two weeks ago, but my application status at Begin West still says they're missing. What should I do?

If we haven't received your test scores after two weeks, please contact either SAT or ACT to obtain a batch number for your scores. Please send your SAT or ACT batch number to

Should I still send in my test scores if they don't meet UWG's requirements?

Yes. We look at the best test and subtest scores, even across different test dates, and we superscore the ACT Composite, so we highly recommend you send us all of your test scores, even if they do not meet our requirements. We also recommend that you complete your application and submit all required documents, as you may be eligible for exclusive opportunities depending on your test scores and academic GPA.

Do I have to submit a new application when I send new test scores?

Students do not need to submit a new application when they send new test scores if the term on their original application is still active. As soon as we receive new test scores, we will automatically reevaluate the application for admission. However, if that term's deadline has passed, applicants must submit an update form at to have their application reevaluated.

Does UWG accept SAT Subject Tests?

Unfortunately, UWG does not accept SAT Subject Tests. Please register for the regular SAT instead so your scores can be used for admission to UWG.

Where should I send my AP Scores?

You can send your official AP Scores directly to our Registrar’s Office through mail or email. Official AP score reports may be requested by calling 1-888-308-0013 or by visiting The University of West Georgia’s school code is 5900.

Why are my SAT scores different than the SAT scores you have on file?

The College Board created the Redesigned SAT (RSAT) in March 2016 and changed the way they scored the test. Sometimes students see discrepancies in their test scores because of the differences between the old SAT and RSAT converted scores. We require 24 RSAT Reading and 450 RSAT Math for admission, which is equivalent to 430 SAT Critical Reading and 410 SAT Math. You can read more about our score requirements and the difference between the old SAT and Redesigned SAT scores here:

Why is the GPA on my high school transcripts different than the GPA calculated for my application?

Students may find discrepancies between the GPA on their transcripts and their academic GPA. When calculating your freshman index, we use your academic GPA, which only includes 4 English, 4 math, 4 natural science, 3 social science, and 2 foreign language courses. Unfortunately, the academic GPA does not include electives.

Can I take a placement test to gain admission to UWG?

Unfortunately, freshmen cannot use Accuplacer scores to gain admission to UWG, unless the Office of Undergraduate Admissions has specifically invited them to do so. The Accuplacer exam is only offered to applicants who graduated from high school 5+ years ago.

What should I do if I am missing one of the classes for the required high school curriculum?

If you have not graduated yet, you should speak with your high school counselor about online credit recovery options. If you have already graduated, you can participate in our West In Thirty program, or you can apply to UWG as a full transfer student after successfully completing 30 transferrable credit hours at another college. If you currently attend or have graduated from a high school outside of Georgia, you may have different requirements. Please reach out to your admissions representative if you have concerns about completing the required high school curriculum so we can personally assist you.

I earned a GED last year instead of a high school diploma. Can I still attend UWG?

UWG cannot accept GED scores for admission purposes until a student has been out of high school for at least five years. Please reach out to your admissions representative about participating in our West in Thirty program instead.

I sent my application fee waiver to Undergraduate Admissions, but my application through hasn't been submitted. What should I do?

It is possible that you had not answered all required questions on your application when we received your waiver. Please login to your account at and make sure all required questions have been answered. If you believe you have answered all questions, please email so we can assist you.

I sent my application fee waiver to Undergraduate Admissions, but my application through GA Futures hasn't been submitted. What should I do?

Unfortunately, UWG cannot apply fee waivers to GA Futures applications. If you have a fee waiver, please complete our application through instead.

Can UWG send me a fee waiver for my application?

Unfortunately, UWG does not distribute fee waivers. Please contact your high school counselor if you qualify for an application fee waiver. You can also visit the websites for NACAC, SAT, and ACT to see eligibility requirements and instructions on how to obtain their fee waivers.