Student Registration

Your registration will go smoothly if you are well prepared. View your holds, know your registration date, meet with your advisor, and understand your remaining degree requirements prior to your registration date for a successful registration period.


The Scoop is a collection of calendars and other important information related to registration, courses, fees, and schedules. 

Schedule of Classes

There are a few ways to view a listing of courses that are being offered each term. You can search for classes in Self-Service Banner (SSB) or you can go to our Schedule of Classes (Searchable SSB9 Version) or Schedule of Classes (Itemized SSB9 Version).

Reading the Schedule of Classes
You can find more information about how to know how a class is offered by viewing "How to read the Searchable Schedule of Classes Guide (PDF, 173KB)" or  "How to read the Itemized Schedule of Classes Guide (PDF, 140KB)".

Finding your Course Syllabus
You may be able to find the syllabus for your course on the Academic Course Webpage. This webpage lists the courses from the current UWG course catalog. Simply visit this webpage and click on the course of interest to find current semester offerings and course information which may include the Syllabus. 

How to Determine if your Class is Online

Instructional Method Information

You can determine if your class is taught online, on campus, or a mixture of both by looking at the instructional method code on the schedule of classes. Classes taught online may meet synchronously (set meeting date and time) or asynchronously (no set meeting date or time). Here is a list of the different types of instructional methods and the codes that go along with them.

Entirely at a Distance (Instructional method code E) – 100% online
The course must not require students to meet on-campus at all during the course of the semester. The student cannot be required to attend a proctored exam at one particular site; proctored exams must be allowed at any approved testing site worldwide. Sections with this designation will be marked with an "E" Section code (E01, E02, etc.) and may impact student’s fees.

Fully at a Distance with One Meeting at the Carrollton campus, UWG Newnan, or UWG Douglasville – 95-99% online
Courses that are fully at a distance will have three different delivery scenarios, listed below, based on the campus students are required to attend. The course may require only one face-to-face meeting and perhaps a proctored exam using distance technologies for more than 95% of instruction time. Sections with this designation will be marked with an “N” in the Section Code and may impact student's fees.

  1. Fully at a distance with one meeting at the Carrollton Campus (instructional method code FC)

  2. Fully at a distance with one meeting at UWG Newnan (instructional method code FN)

  3. Fully at a distance with one meeting at UWG Douglasville (instructional method code FD)

Partially at a Distance (instructional method code P) – 51-94% online 
The course will meet through videoconferencing, online, or other technologies, instead of face-to-face, for 51-94% of its instructional time. These sections are marked with a “D” in the Section Code.

Hybrid - 1-50% online
Courses that are hybrid will have three different delivery scenarios, listed below.

  1. Traditional Hybrid (instructional method code H) – Technology is used to deliver 50% or less of class sessions. All students enrolled will meet in the classroom on both days assigned to the course, but at least one class session will be replaced by technology

  2. Split Roster (instructional method code H1) – Technology is used to deliver 50% or less of class sessions, and student meet minimally one time per week in a face to face class setting. Segment of the class attend the classroom on a regularly schedule rotation based on classroom capacity with social distancing. Students will be notified of their attendance requirement by the instructor prior to the first day of class.
  3. Once per Week (instructional method code H2) – Technology is used to deliver 50% or less of class sessions. Students will meet face to face on one of the course days and online either synchronously or asynchronously on the other day.

Technology Enhanced

Technology is used in delivering instruction, but no class sessions are replaced by technology.


The University of West Georgia also offers eCore and eMajor classes. These classes are entirely online and may require a proctored exam.

No-Cost and Low-Cost Designators

Beginning Fall 2018, University System of Georgia (USG) institutions will be required to designate sections of courses whose course materials exclusively consist of no-cost (open or free textbooks) or low-cost course materials. Courses that meet this criteria will use the following designation.

  • ZNCM – No-cost: $0 required textbook costs
  • ZLCM – Low-cost: $40 or under required textbook costs

What is included in determining the required costs?

Textbooks and other text-based materials, workbooks, lab manuals, online homework platforms, and codes or publisher-provided curricular materials for students.

What is not included in determining the required costs?

Equipment (such as but not limited to are supplies, calculators, or physical lab materials) and fees for test proctoring.

How do I find these courses?

View "How to read the Searchable Schedule of Classes Guide (PDF, 173KB)" or the "How to read the Itemized Schedule of Classes Guide (PDF, 140KB)"

Registration Schedule

Currently Enrolled Students

Registration time tickets are assigned to currently enrolled students based on their credit hours earned (not including currently enrolled hours). The registration time ticket assigns the student the specific day and time registration will open. Once a student's time begins, they can register any time after that through the end of the drop/add period.

Students must log into Self-Service Banner to find their assigned registration day and time. View Registration Time Ticketing for Students (PDF, 130K) for step by step instructions.

Summer and Fall 2024 Registration Schedule  
Registration GroupDate Group Time Tickets Open
GraduateMonday, April 1
SeniorsMonday, April 1
JuniorsTuesday, April 2
SophomoresWednesday, April 3
FreshmenThursday, April 4
Open RegistrationMonday, April 8
TAP and Sr. Citizen WaiverMonday, April 15 for Summer
Monday, July 15 for Fall
Auditors and Non-Degree SeekingTuesday, May 7 for Summer
Friday, August 9 for Fall

Active not currently enrolled:

Students who are active, but not enrolled in the current term are eligible to register during the open registration period.

NEW Students (Freshman & Transfer):

All new students are required to attend Orientation.  Please visit our Orientation Office Webpage for more information on how to register for Orientation and what to expect.

Readmit Students (Former UWG Students):

Former undergraduate students who last attended UWG one year or more ago or were suspended for one year or dismissed must apply for readmission through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Once readmitted, students should visit the Orientation Office Webpage for more information on how to register for Orientation and what to expect. 

Former graduate students who last attended one or more years ago must contact the Office of Graduate Admissions to request readmission prior to registering. Once readmitted, students will receive communication regarding course registration or students will need to contact program directors for more information.


An Auditor is a student who enrolls as an observer or listener only. Auditors are eligible to register three days prior to the first day of class for the semester. Please visit the SCOOP to see the first day of class for the semester. Auditors are eligible to register each semester if they attend in consecutive terms. If auditors do not stay continuously enrolled, the student must re-apply through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeking

Undergraduate non-degree seeking students are eligible to register three days prior to the first day of class for the semester. Please visit the SCOOP to see the first day of class for the semester.

Senior Citizen Waiver Recipients/Enrollment of Persons 62 years of age or older

Students receiving the Senior Citizen waiver can find more information regarding enrollment in the UWG Undergraduate Catalog. Registration occurs on a space available basis. Please see the Registration Schedule above for your registration date.

USG TAP Recipients

USG employees utilizing the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) benefits can find more information regarding TAP student registration dates as well as application dates on the USG Human Resources-Benefits Website. If students register prior to the TAP registration date, courses may be administratively dropped in order to apply the waiver. Students may then register on the designated TAP registration date.

Online Registration

Please see your academic advisor well before your registration date. Advising holds will prevent you from registering. If you are unsure who your advisor is, please refer to the Advising Center's Webpage- Who is My Advisor? for assistance.


Registration in the New SSB9 Environment

You can follow the steps listed below or view the Registration Guide (PDF, 1.4MB) for detailed instructions.

  1. Sign-in to Student Self-Service Banner.
  2. Select 'Student Registration'
  3. You will now be in the Registration Module which includes the following links: Prepare for Registration, Register for Classes, Plan Ahead, Browse Classes, View Registration Information, and Browse Course Catalog.
  4. To register for classes, select the 'Register for Classes' link.
  5. Select the term.
  6. Select from one of the following options: Find Classes by searching, Enter CRNs (Ex. 81256), or Register from a pre-generated Plan.
  7. Select your courses and submit in the Summary box in the lower right of your screen. Please note you are not registered until the Status changes to Registered and is highlighted green.
  8. Print, email, or load your schedule to your personal calendar by selecting the Schedule and Options Tab at the top and choosing the Email/Calendar Icon or Print Icon in the upper right.
Online Registration Tutorial for SSB9

Check out this SSB9 Registration Tutorial, which is less than 5 minutes to see the new registration environment.

Changing Variable Credit Hours

Need to change the credit hours for a variable credit course? The variable credit guide (PDF, 186KB) provides step by step instructions for changing the credit hours in SSB9.

eCore Registration

Students should read carefully the information found at to be certain eCore learning is right for them and to understand the policies related to eCore courses.

Registering In Person

The Momentum Center will assist with registrations in the Momentum Center Lab between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday - Friday.  The following offices will also register and advise undergraduate students if they are classified as one of the below:

  • Honors Students - Please email
  • All Undecided Students - The Advising Center located in the UCC will advise students. After advisement, students will be able to register themselves on their designated registration date. ( Note: this excludes incoming freshmen, as freshmen will register for classes during orientation. 

To Pay Online with a Credit Card (Preferred and Easiest)

Online (Self-Service Banner) fee payment closes at the assigned fee payment deadline.

  • Credit cards can be used online using Self-Service Banner or in the Momentum Center
  • Cardholder will be charged the merchant fee
  • UWG only accepts Discover, American Express, VISA, & Master Card

Steps for paying with a credit card or WebCheck:

  1. Log onto MyUWG by entering your username and password
  2. Click on "Self-Service Banner" tab from list across the top of page
  3. Click on "Student Services and Financial Aid"
  4. Click on "Registration and Fee Payment"
  5. Click on "Select Term" Make sure to select correct Term you are paying from drop down menu (i.e. Spring Semester 2011) and enter.
  6. Click on either "Pay Fees with Credit Card" or "Pay Fees with Web Check"
  7. Follow the instructions and submit payment. (payment will post to your Self-Service Banner account immediately)

To Pay with Check

  • Go online to Self-Service Banner and use the instructions above (Webcheck link will be disabled at the assigned fee payment deadline)
  • Go to Cashier’s Window, Aycock Hall, Mon.-Fri. 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Send by Mail:
    Send bill and check for balance due to
    University of West Georgia
    1601 Maple Street 
    ATTN: Office of Student Accounts and Billing Services
    Carrollton, GA 30118-4220. 

All checks issued for the payment of fees must indicate the name of the student and his/her West Georgia Student ID number.

Allow several days for delivery.  Payments must be received (not postmarked) by the assigned fee payment deadline. UWG is not responsible for payments received after the deadline due to postal problems.

At the start of each semester, students have the opportunity to drop or add classes during the Drop/Add period. After the drop/add period, there is a period of time in which students may withdraw from courses.

The following information outlines the differences between dropping and withdrawing, the process for each, and the timeline. For more information on how to drop or withdraw from a course, please review the section on this page titled, "Registration Guides - How do I Register?"

What is the difference between dropping and withdrawing?

A course can only be "dropped" during the official drop/add period at the beginning of each semester or part of term. The drop/add period is the window available to edit a schedule prior to becoming official. Dropped courses are removed from the student's class schedule and will not appear on transcripts.

After the initial drop/add period has passed, students must officially "withdraw" from a class by the withdrawal deadlines. (The withdrawal deadlines may be found on the Registrar's calendar in The Scoop.) Unlike dropped courses, withdrawn courses remain on your class schedule and will appear on your transcript with a letter grade of "W" or "WF" depending on the date the withdraw is processed.

Is there a refund associated with a drop or withdrawal?

If you drop a course during the drop/add period and you are entitled to a refund, please contact the Office of Student Accounts and Billing Services' in Aycock Hall at  (678) 839-4737 to find out when your refund will be disbursed to your BankMobile Account.

If you withdraw from a course, there is no refund associated with the withdrawal. If you withdraw from all courses for the semester, you may be eligible for a refund. Refunds for a complete withdrawal (all courses) will be based on a pro rata percentage determined by dividing the number of calendar days in the semester that the student completed by the total number of calendar days in a semester. Students who withdraw after 60% of the semester has been completed are not entitled to a refund of charges. Contact the Office of Student Accounts and Billing Services' at  (678) 839-4737 for more information regarding refunds for complete withdrawals. View our Complete Withdraw Form (PDF, 228KB) for the policy and types of complete withdrawals at UWG.

Financial Aid Recipients

Financial aid recipients should check with the Momentum Center or Financial Aid Office before withdrawing from a class(es). Withdrawing from a course could cause the loss of financial aid for future terms and/or repayment for the current term.  In accordance with federal regulations, you may be required to repay a portion of federal or state financial aid received or credited to your account if you withdraw prior to the end of the semester. Financial aid recipients who decide not to attend may also be required to repay aid if they do not officially withdraw from the university.

Limited Course Withdrawal Policy

Undergraduate students may withdraw from courses with a grade of “W” (Withdraw Passing) a maximum of six times during their entire undergraduate enrollment at the University of West Georgia. Students must withdraw from courses during the Withdrawal “W” Period, as noted on the Registrar’s Calendar in The Scoop. Retroactive withdrawals for prior terms are not permitted. The Withdrawal “W” Period typically begins after Drop/Add and closes at mid-term. Grades of “W” do not count toward the grade point average. For more information regarding the Limited Withdrawal Policy, steps to take prior to withdrawing, and exemptions to the policy, please review the Limited Course Withdrawals Webpage on the Registrar's Website.

Withdrawal from a course(s) after Drop/Add

Students who wish to withdraw from a course after drop/add may withdraw on Self-Service Banner or come to the Momentum Center. If you have a hold on your account, then you must come to the Momentum Center to withdraw.

There is no refund for withdrawing from a course on your schedule. Before the mid-point of a term, a withdrawal equals a grade of W and will not affect your GPA. After the mid-point and withdrawal deadline of a term, a withdrawal equals a grade of WF and will count the same as an F in your GPA.

Withdrawal from ALL courses after Drop/Add

If you decide to withdraw from all courses after the drop/add period is over, you must fill out a Complete Withdrawal Form (PDF, 228K) and take it to the Advising Center* to meet with an advisor. The advisor will review the form with the student, sign, date and forward the information to the Registrar's Office. The withdrawal date will be effective on the date of the student's initiation of the process. Distance (online) students should complete the form and then contact (phone, email) the Advising Center to speak with an advisor to complete the withdrawal process.

*Graduate students will take the form to their program director.

Types of Complete Withdrawals

Formal Withdrawal

Formal Withdrawal from the University of West Georgia includes the following rules:

  1. The student will be awarded a withdrawal grade (W or WF) in each course based on the withdrawal period deadline. (See The Scoop.)
  2. The student record will be marked inactive.
  3. The student must apply for readmission if he/she wishes to return to the University of West Georgia.

Term Withdrawal

Term Withdrawal from the University of West Georgia includes the following rules: 

  1. The student will be awarded a withdrawal grade (W or WF) in each course based on the withdrawal period deadline. (See The Scoop.)
  2. All W grades Will Count towards the student’s maximum withdrawal limit. (See Limited Withdrawal Policy.)
  3. The student’s account will remain active for one year from the term of the withdrawal.
  4. The student must meet with my Academic Advisor prior to the beginning of Open Registration for the term in which he/she decides to return.
  5. The student will not be eligible to register until the Open Registration period begins. (See The Scoop.)

Learning Support & CPC Deficient Students

Learning Support Students and students with CPC deficiencies are not permitted to drop or withdraw from a Learning Support or CPC course without the approval of the Director of the Department of Learning Support. During the drop/add period, students with a learning support requirement and/or a CPC deficiency should go to the Learning Support Office to adjust their schedules.


Students must clear all holds and pay all fees before registering. Holds can be viewed in Self-Service Banner. Select 'Student Services & Financial Aid' then 'Registration & Fee Payment' then 'Student Registration'. You will then be directed to the registration portal. Click on 'Prepare for Registration' to view view your holds, time ticket, academic standing, student classification, student status, and program of study'. For additional help viewing your holds, please refer to the UWG Student Guide to Registration (PDF, 715KB).

After Registering - Print out a copy of your schedule and bill. You are responsible for checking the accuracy of both.  Fees must be paid by the Fee Payment Deadline or your classes may be dropped and you may be assessed additional fees. This includes any remaining portion of your bill not covered by grants, loans or scholarships.

Course Overloads

Undergraduate students within 30 credit hours of graduation with a cumulative average of 2.0 may carry up to the maximum of 21 credit hours for two semesters without special permission. Undergraduate students not meeting this criteria can obtain overload permission from the Dean of the College/School of their major initiated by completing the Course Overload Permission Form (PDF, 370KB).

Graduate students who do not hold an assistantship (GTA, GRA, GA) may register for 12 credit hours without permission. Graduate students who want to take an overload, defined as more than 12 credit hours, may initiate the process for approval by completing the Course Overload Permission Form (PDF, 370KB).

Directed Readings, Independent Study, Internship, Variable Credit Approvals

Students seeking permission to enroll in one of the above types of courses should complete the Directed Readings, Independent Study, Internship, Variable Credit Approval Form (PDF, 172K) and meet with the instructor of the course.

Courses Meeting for First Time after Drop/Add

These courses may be added on the day the course begins with Dean’s permission. These courses cannot be added on Self-Service Banner. (Note: According to Federal Regulations, Financial Aid cannot adjust aid for courses added after the drop/add period.) These courses can be dropped on the day immediately following the first scheduled class meeting only if you complete the drop transaction in the Momentum Center or email These course drops cannot be made on Self-Service Banner.

Administrative Drop & Withdrawals

Administratively dropped courses are courses which were dropped from your schedule by an administrative office. On your schedule these courses will display with zero credit hours and the date dropped. For more information regarding why you were dropped or withdrawn, please review your myUWG email account for a notification, visit the Student Solutions Team in the Momentum Center, or email the Student Solutions Team at

Drops for Non-Payment

Failure to make payment in full or enroll in a Nelnet payment plan by the appropriate deadlines as listed on the Office of Student Accounts and Billing Services Website, will result in courses being reviewed for cancellation. For all fee payment deadlines, please visit the Office of Student Accounts and Billing Services' Website. Courses dropped for non-payment will not appear on your transcript.

Withdrawals for Non-Attendance

If you decide not to attend UWG prior to the start of the semester for which you have registered, you must drop all courses via Self-Service Banner. Failure to drop the course may result in a grade of F, and tuition/fees will not be refunded. You must also contact Financial Aid, Housing and Residence Life, Health Services and Campus Services to be sure your accounts are cleared. Contact the Office of Student Accounts and Billing Services (678) 839-4737 to determine if a refund is due and when it will be processed.

If you do not drop your courses, you may be withdrawn for non attendance. For more information regarding the difference between a drop and a withdrawal, please see the above section titled, "Dropping and Withdrawing from Courses." If your instructor marks you as not-attending for a course, you will receive a 'W' grade. Please contact your instructor for more information or if you believe you were marked as not-attending in error.