• Enroll/Degree Verification
    Enrollment and Degree Verifications are processed by the Enrollment Services Center. Please visit the Enrollment Services Center's Enrollment & Degree Verification webpage page for more information. 
  • Graduation
    • Q. I am an undergraduate, and I would like to know my progress toward graduation and which courses are needed to complete my degree. What should I do?

      A. Check your Wolf Watch to view your degree audit. You will access this through the MyUWG Portal. You should also meet with your advisor to determine your academic plans and goals.

    • Q. My undergraduate degree evaluation is not correct. What should I do?

      A. If you have not recently met with your academic advisor, this should be the first step. Student and advisor should go over degree requirement from student’s eligible course catalog year. If you believe a course is applied to the wrong area, your advisor should note this in Wolf Watch and contact the Registrar’s Office. Note: Your audit may change as information is added, such as grades and new courses.

    • Q. I took another course instead of the required course. My undergraduate advisor/teacher/etc. told me it could substitute for the other class.

      A. If you have a substitution which needs to be made, talk to your advisor about this and they may be able to begin the substitution process by submitting a petition on Wolf Watch.

    • Q. I am an undergraduate, are there any classes which will not count toward my graduation requirements?

      A. For all Arts and Sciences majors, no PWLA courses will apply toward graduation requirements. This means they cannot be applied as electives or in any area of your degree. Also, a maximum of 6 credit hours total of military science, debate practicum (COMM 1115) and applied music/ensemble courses (for non-music majors and minors) can be applied toward a degree.

    • Q. What catalog year do I use to find my degree requirements and where can I find a copy of the catalog?

      A. Students should review the University of West Georgia’s Undergraduate Catalog to determine degree requirements for their degree and major. Students can find these online on the Course Listing and Catalogs section of the Registrar’s Office website and choose the applicable catalog year. Students may choose to meet the degree requirements of the current catalog or of any catalog within six years prior to graduation, provided that the candidate was enrolled in the degree program during the year of the chosen catalog.

    • Q. When and how do I apply for graduation?

      A. Deadlines are posted on the Scoop for each term and are also available on the Graduation website. You will need to apply in BanWeb to access the Graduation Application.  The fee for this is $40.

    • Q. What is the date and/or time for graduation?

      A. Check the Graduation page frequently for updated details.

    • Q. Where do I order my cap, gown, & invitations?

      A. Students should order all graduation attire from the UWG Bookstore. Announcements may be purchased through Jostens; more information can be found on their website.

    • Q. How do I declare an undergraduate major?

      A. You should declare your major with the department in which your new major is housed. After obtaining and completing a Major Change Form from your department, they will forward the document to the Registrar’s Office. Your record will then be updated in our student system.

    • Q. How can I get a replacement diploma?

      A. Replacement diplomas may be ordered online by submitting the $35 fee and completing the form,  Replacement Diploma.  Email graduation@westga.edu  from your secure MyUWG account and include your 917# if you have any questions. 

  • Registration
    • Q. When will I be able to register for my classes?

      A. Please see the current Registration Schedule page located on our website.

    • Q. I have a hold and can't register. What do I need to do to clear the hold?

      A. Please see the department or office that put the hold on your account. Examples of common holds include Parking Fines (see Parking Services), Advising Holds (see Advisor), Financial holds (see Bursar's Office), etc. If you are unsure about where to go for your hold, contact the Registrar's Office to find out where to go to have this cleared.

    • Q. I am having trouble registering for classes. What should I do?

      A. See our list of common Banweb Registration Error Messages located on our web page. This page lists error messages you might receive when registering for classes. If your error is not listed here or you continue to have trouble registering, contact the Enrollment Services Center for additional assistance.

    • Q. How do I get advised?

      A. Students are assigned an advisor by the department of their major. If you are undeclared, please go to the Center for Academic Success center located in the UCC.

    • Q. How do I pay my fees?

      A. Registration is not complete until all fees and charges are paid in full. Fee payment deadlines for registration are listed on the Bursar's Office website and in the Scoop; if fees and charges are not paid by these deadlines, classes will be dropped from the student's schedule. Please visit the Bursar's Office website as all fee payments are handled through their office.

    • Q. What if I want to register, drop or withdraw from an eCore course?

      A. You can register, drop or add an eCore course on your Banweb account. However, if you wish to withdraw from an eCore course, see http://ecore.usg.edu/students/withdraw/uwg_policy.php. You cannot withdraw from on eCore course using Banweb. For more online eCore course information and to find out if eCore courses are right for you, go to http://www.westga.edu/~ecore/. To view a list of eCore courses offered each semester, go to http://ecore.usg.edu/courses/schedule.php/.

    • Q. I have been suspended for one term and can't register. What do I do?

      A. If you have met the terms of you suspension, please contact the Registrar's Office so that your eligibility status may be updated.

    • Q. What if I would like to register for an Independent Study Course?

      A. Obtain an Independent Study form from the Department that you wish to take the course, get the appropriate signatures and return the form to the Enrollment Services Center.

    • Q. I've been listed as “never attending” in my course, but I am attending class. What do I do to fix this?

      A. Please have the instructor send an e-mail to the Registrar’s Office at registrar@westga.edu in order to have the course reinstated.

    • Q. When is the W deadline?

      A. Refer to the Important Dates section of our web page or the online Scoop for a listing of withdrawal dates.

    • Q. What is the difference between dropping and withdrawing from a course?

      A. Course “drops” can only be done during the official drop/add periods except for courses meeting for the first time after drop/add. Dropped courses are removed from your class schedule and will not appear on your transcript. Withdrawn courses remain on your schedule and will appear on your transcript with a grade of "W". Students who wish to withdraw from a course after drop/add may withdraw on Banweb if there are no holds or come to the Enrollment Services Center. There is no refund for withdrawing from a course on your schedule. For a complete withdrawal from all classes, the date the withdrawal is submitted on Banweb will be considered the official UWG withdrawal date to be used in the calculation of any tuition refund. There is no refund for a partial withdrawal.

    • Q. I withdrew from all my courses. How much of a refund will I receive and how am I going to receive it?

      A. Refunds are calculated by the Bursar’s Office and are disbursed to your HigherOne Account.

    • Q. What if I have a hardship? Can I do a Hardship withdrawal?

      A. Yes, you can apply for a Hardship Withdrawal after the semester's mid-point. Contact the Dean’s Office of the college of your major. Hardship withdrawals are approved by your Associate Dean. If approved, they will forward the paperwork to the Registrar’s Office to perform the Hardship Withdrawal.

  • Residency/Tuition Classification
    • Q. Where can I find out why I was classified as an out-of-state student?

      A. Initial tuition classification processes are handled in the Admissions Office. An Admissions representative will be able to discuss the reasoning behind your out-of-state status and any options which may be available to you to get your status changed.

    • Q. How do I apply for re-classification to receive in-state tuition?

      A. Once you have received notification from the Admissions Office that you will be admitted as an out-of-state student, you should research the requirements for a Tuition Differential Waiver or Petition for In-State Tuition. Information on each of these options can be found on the Registrar’s website under Tuition Classification. If you believe that you qualify for a waiver or petition, complete the form, attach the supporting documentation and mail or bring the information to the Enrollment Services Center. Students should allow 1-2 weeks for processing.

    • Q. Can I turn in some of the information now and the rest later?

      A. No, incomplete petitions/waivers and supporting documents will be returned to the student with a letter of explanation.

    • Q. How will I know the status of my waiver/petition?

      A. After undergoing the review process (1-2 weeks), a decision letter will be sent to the student letting them know if the waiver/petition is approved, denied or need additional information. Approved Petitions and Waivers are not retroactive!

    • Q. Who will be able to help me with questions concerning the petition or waiver forms?

      A. Any member of the Enrollment Services Center will be able to answer general questions while more detailed inquiries should be directed to the University Tuition Classification Officer, Ms. Donna Haley.

    • Q. What are the deadlines for filing a Petition or Waiver?

      A. The deadline for submitting a petition is printed on the inside cover of the form. To meet the deadline, ALL documents must be received. Incomplete Petitions, Waivers or supporting documents will not be considered as meeting the deadline!
      Fall -September 1
      Spring - February 1
      Summer - June 1 (all sessions)
      Submission deadline for Tuition Differential Waivers is the final fee payment deadline (after drop/add) of each semester. Please visit the SCOOP for the scheduled fee payment deadline.

    • Q. How do I appeal a decision?

      A. A student whose reclassification petition is denied by the Tuition Classification Officer may, within five working days or a calendar week, appeal the decision to the Vice President for Enrollment Management. The student must submit a detailed written statement to the Vice President for Enrollment Management explaining why they believe that in-state status should be granted.

    • Q. What do I do if my residency circumstances change?

      A. Immediately notify the Tuition Classification Officer, Ms. Donna Haley. Students classified as in-state who are found to have been erroneously classified, shall be reclassified as out-of-state and shall be required to pay the difference between the in-state and out-of-state fees for the term(s) in which they were erroneously classified. Cancellation of registration and/or judicial review by the institution may also occur.

  • Transcripts
    Official Transcripts are processed by the Enrollment Services Center. Please visit the Enrollment Services Center's Transcript webpage for more information.
  • Transfer
    • Q. What courses will transfer to UWG?

      A. Undergraduate transfer course equivalencies may be viewed on the transfer criteria page.

    • Q. How will I know how many hours transferred?

      A. You may view your transfer evaluation and other admittance information by accessing your MyUWG account and clicking on the Banweb tab (see the "lock" icon at the top right of the website). 

    • Q. How many hours can I transfer?

      A. A maximum of 90 academic hours may be transferred to UWG.

    • Q. What grade must I make for a course to transfer?

      A. Courses accepted for transfer credit must have a “C” average. A grade of “D” in freshman English is not acceptable. No “D” grades will be allowed in courses designated as major courses. A grade of “C” or above is required for all professional courses in education and those courses listed under content field.

    • Q. At my previous college we were on the quarter system; what does that mean for me now?

      A. All quarter hours are converted to semester hours on your evaluation. One quarter hour is the equivalent of 2/3 semester hours. For example, multiply your 5 hour quarter-hour course by 2 and divide the answer by 3. 5 quarter hours equals 3.33 semester hours.

    • Q. How do I know that I have met all the UWG transfer requirements?

      A. Please see our Transfer criteria page. 

    • Q. How do I get AP, CLEP or IB?

      A. The student can look on the Registrar web-site under Credit by Exam for AP, CLEP and IB.

    • Q. How do I get Military Credits?

      A. Please visit the Transfer Credit Criteria & Requirements page and choose Credit for Military Experience.