At the start of each semester, students have the opportunity to drop or add any classes that they do or do not need on their schedule, and the information below elaborates on how this process works. Also included below is information on withdrawing from classes.

  • What's the difference between Dropping and Withdrawing?

    A course can only be "dropped" during the official drop/add period at the beginning of each semester. The drop/add period is the window available to edit a schedule prior to becoming official. Dropped courses are removed from the student's class schedule and will not appear on transcripts.

    After the initial drop/add period has passed, students must officially "withdraw" from a class by the withdrawal deadline. (The withdrawal deadline may be found on the Registrar's calendar in The Scoop.) Unlike dropped courses, withdrawn courses remain on your class schedule and will appear on your transcript with a letter grade of "W."

  • What are Limited Course Withdrawals? How many do I get?

    Undergraduate students may withdraw from courses with a grade of “W” (Withdraw Passing) a maximum of six times during their entire undergraduate enrollment at the University of West Georgia. Students must withdraw from courses during the Withdrawal “W” Period, as noted on the Registrar’s Calendar in The Scoop. Retroactive withdrawals for prior terms are not permitted. The Withdrawal “W” Period typically begins after Drop/Add and closes at mid-term. Grades of “W” do not count toward the grade point average.

    It is recommended that students consult with the instructor, academic advisor, Financial Aid, Bursar, and International Services and Programs (if applicable) before making the decision to withdraw from a course, since undesirable consequences may follow. For example:

    • Students must make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to maintain eligibility for both federal and state financial aid. See the UWG Financial Aid website for more details.
    • Student athletes must maintain full-time status to retain athletic eligibility.
    • International students on an F1 or J1 visa must maintain full-time status to protect their immigration status.
    • Withdrawing from a course will delay progress toward graduation.

    Students who attempt to withdraw from a course after reaching their maximum of six withdrawals will continue to be enrolled and will receive a grade at the end of the term, unless the Dean (or Dean’s designee) approves the exception. See Petition for Exceptions below.

    Automatic Exceptions
    The following exceptions do not count toward the maximum of six course withdrawals:

    • Grades of W placed on the transcript prior to Fall 2013
    • Grades of W included in transfer work
    • Withdrawals from courses taken during Summer terms
    • Hardship withdrawal
    • Military withdrawal
    • Administrative withdrawal
    • Formal withdrawal from the university

    Petition for Exceptions
    After the limit of six withdrawals is reached, students are permitted to request exceptions only for circumstances beyond their control. Students appeal in writing to the Dean (or Dean’s designee) of the college or school that houses their major. Undeclared students should appeal in writing to the Dean of the Honors College (or Dean’s designee). The written request (typewritten) should include the following: (1) description of the exact nature of the appeal, (2) reason for the appeal, and (3) supporting documentation, if applicable. Appeals are not heard unless the student has reached the maximum number of withdrawals allowed.

  • What do I need to know about Drop/Add?

    How to Drop/Add:
    Students can Drop/Add a course online by going to Student Services under Banweb, then to Registration and then to the Add/Drop/Withdraw option. However, if a student has a hold and wishes to drop or add a course, the student must address the hold(s) with the appropriate department before changes are allowed.

    Drop for Non-Attendance of Initial Class Meeting
    Faculty have the authority to drop students who do not attend the first class meeting. However, all faculty members do not automatically drop such students. If you do not intend to remain in a course, you must drop the course before the end of the drop/add period. Failure to drop the course may result in a grade of F, and tuition/fees will not be refunded.

    Courses Meeting for First Time after Drop/Add
    These courses may be added on the day the course begins with Dean’s permission. These courses cannot be added on Banweb. (Note: According to Federal Regulations, Financial Aid cannot adjust aid for courses added after the drop/add period.) These courses can be dropped on the day immediately following the first scheduled class meeting only if you complete the drop transaction in the Enrollment Services Center or email These course drops cannot be made on Banweb.

  • What do I need to know about Withdrawals?

    Withdrawal from a course(s) after Drop/Add
    Students who wish to withdraw from a course after drop/add may withdraw on Banweb or come to the Enrollment Services Center. If you have a hold on your account, then you must come to the Enrollment Services Center to withdraw. 

    There is no refund for withdrawing from a course on your schedule. Before the mid-point of a term, a withdrawal equals a grade of W and will not affect your GPA. After the mid-point and withdrawal deadline of a term, a withdrawal equals a grade of WF and will count the same as an F in your GPA.

    Withdrawal from ALL courses after Drop/Add
    If you decide to withdraw from all courses after the drop/add period is over, you must fill out a Complete Withdrawal Form and take it to the Advising Center* to meet with an advisor. The advisor will review the form with the student, sign, date and forward the information to the Registrar's Office. The withdrawal date will be effective on the date of the student's initiation of the process. Distance (online) students should complete the form and then contact (phone, email) the Advising Center to speak with an advisor to complete the withdrawal process.

    *Graduate students will take the form to their program director.

    Types of Complete Withdrawals

    Formal Withdrawal
    Formal Withdrawal from the University of West Georgia includes the following rules:

    1. The student will be awarded a withdrawal grade (W or WF) in each course based on the withdrawal period deadline. (See The Scoop.)
    2. The student record will be marked inactive.
    3. The student must apply for readmission if he/she wishes to return to the University of West Georgia.

    Term Withdrawal
    Term Withdrawal from the University of West Georgia includes the following rules: 

    1. The student will be awarded a withdrawal grade (W or WF) in each course based on the withdrawal period deadline. (See The Scoop.)
    2. All W grades Will Count towards the student’s maximum withdrawal limit. (See Limited Withdrawal Policy.)
    3. The student’s account will remain active for one year from the term of the withdrawal.
    4. The student must meet with my Academic Advisor prior to the beginning of Open Registration for the term in which he/she decides to return.
    5. The student will not be eligible to register until the Open Registration period begins. (See The Scoop.)

    Learning Support & CPC Deficient Students
    Learning Support Students and students with CPC deficiencies are not permitted to drop or withdraw from a Learning Support or CPC course without the approval of the Director of the Department of Learning Support. During the drop/add period, students with a learning support requirement and/or a CPC deficiency should go to the Learning Support Office to adjust their schedules.

  • Can I get a Refund?

    All refunds are disbursed to your BankMobile account. See for more information.

    Refunds for Courses Dropped during Drop/Add
    If you drop a course during the drop/add period and you are entitled to a refund, please contact the Bursar's Office in Aycock Hall at (678) 839-4737 to find out when your refund will be disbursed to your BankMobile Account. There will be no refund for courses dropped after the end of the official drop/add period unless the course meets for the first time after the drop/add period and the instructions above are followed. If you are a financial aid recipient, you may be required to repay a portion of federal or state financial aid received or credited to your account if you withdraw.

    Financial Aid Recipients
    Financial aid recipients should check with the Enrollment Services Center before withdrawing from a class(es). Withdrawing from a course could cause the loss of financial aid for future terms and/or repayment for the current term. All students will be evaluated each semester to determine that they are making satisfactory pace of progression through their academic program.  A minimum 67% cumulative completion ratio will be required at each evaluation period.  Pace of progression is defined as the ratio of the cumulative number of credit hours earned divided by the cumulative number of credit hours attempted.  In accordance with federal regulations, you may be required to repay a portion of federal or state financial aid received or credited to your account if you withdraw prior to the end of the semester.  View the complete Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.

    Institutional Withdrawal Refund Policy
    Refunds for a complete withdrawal (all courses) will be based on a pro rata percentage determined by dividing the number of calendar days in the semester that the student completed by the total number of calendar days in a semester. Students who withdraw after 60% of the semester has been completed are not entitled to a refund of charges.

    Contact the Bursar's Office at (678) 839-4737 to determine if a refund is due and when it will be disbursed to your BankMobile Account. Financial aid recipients who decide not to attend and have financial aid which covers their entire bill will be obligated to repay the financial aid award if they do not officially withdraw from the university. Refund schedules and a copy of the Board of Regents Policy may be obtained from the Bursar's Office or the Financial Aid Office.