The National Alcohol and Drug CORE Survey

The Core Alcohol and Drug survey was developed in 1989 to assess the nature, scope, and consequences of alcohol and other drug use on college campuses. It is one of the most rigorously developed survey instruments for post-secondary populations.

This instrument is not used to diagnose alcohol dependency in individuals but rather to assess the level and impact of alcohol and other drug use on campus. It is a valuable tool for determining how to target populations for prevention programming, designing social marketing and media advocacy campaigns, and assessing the impact of these prevention efforts. *

The University of West Georgia began using the CORE survey in 2000. Health Education administers the survey each February. This tool evaluates our programs effectiveness each year, it provides insight determining the needs for new strategies and/or programs, and finally, it helps determine cultural changes within our campus community. The data is the source utilized for our social norm campaign.

View the 2017 CORE Executive Summary.