Programs to Go

These programs are dynamic and experiential and are ready to present. Due to counselor schedules we ask that you provide advanced notice when scheduling these programs.

Mental Health Matters: How to help a friend who is experiencing mental distress.

Counseling is Not Just for Crazy People: This program provides an overview of the many services offered by the Counseling Center and the ways which it can help students improve their academic performance.

Training Series

These programs are more in depth and can be one to two hours. They are for faculty, staff, and student leaders and need more preparation time to meet the needs of the audience.

Suicide Prevention Training: This training can help identify students at rick for suicide, facilitate effective referrals, and break down barriers to help-seeking.

Working with Students with Disabilities: Addresses common approaches to working with students with disabilities and will help you understand the services students can access through our office, as well as identify their responsibilities.

Helping Distressed Students: Identify mental health issues college students experience, including signs of crisis, as well as ways to effectively seek assistance.

Assisting Distressed Employees: Identify mental health issues faculty and staff might experience, as well as ways to effectively seek assistance.