Often times it is to the student’s advantage to coordinate counseling services with other university services.

Counselors may coordinate with any number of University offices on behalf of students, but will most often coordinate with Health Services, Career Services, Academic Advising and the Center for Academic Success. Students will be aware when counselors are speaking to others on their behalf.

Health Services

Often students with psychological issues need medical and counseling services to experience the most satisfactory results. Health Services offers mental health services coordinated through the Patient Advocate office.

Students may receive a full range of health services but often find that wound care, medication evaluation, screenings for organ functions and vitamin deficiencies and/or sleep problems are common for students who are receiving counseling services. Health Services also provides services for eating disorders, sexual assault victims and STD screenings.

For more information, visit Health Services.

Career Services

The Counseling Center coordinates with Career Services primarily through career counseling. Career counseling provides students with opportunities to understand themselves, their strengths and their values as they relate to the world of work.

Career Services helps student put those values into action by assisting students in finding research opportunities, internships and job and is integral in preparing students for a professional job search.

For more information, visit Career Services.

Academic Advising

The Counseling Center coordinates with Academic Advising primarily through the advising of University of West Georgia students. The Advising Center supports students on their path to graduation via delivering information about advising and registration, providing appropriate course recommendations to keep students on track, and teaching students to use the tools for self-advisement the University of West Georgia offers.

For more information, visit Academic Advising.

Center for Academic Success

The Center for Academic Success coordinates tutoring services for most core classes. It's also the hub for freshmen and sophomores undeclared advising and assistance with career exploration and academic assistance. When students need personalized in-depth assistance, they come to the Counseling Center to help them find an individualized plan to success.

For more information, visit the Center for Academic Success.