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Alternative Media Access Books

Got AMAC? 
Learn more about how to use Alternative Media Access Books
in our AMAC Audiobook Download Walkthrough.
You must have the AMAC/CIDI accommodation on your SAR to order AMAC books. AMAC (Alternative Media Access) books are braille, etext, and audio books which are created by the Georgia State University system.  

If you are authorized to use AMAC, then you will need the ISBN numbers off the back of the textbooks your professors have listed on their course syllabi.  You can also look up the required texts for your classes on the UWG Bookstore Website.

Early Registration

Need assistance with Early Registration?  View our Registration Workshop video.

Sonocent Notetaker

Sonocent is a notetaking software that allows students to record lectures on a laptop or mobile device, color highlight information, import presentation slides or diagrams next to the audio files, and include text notes.  If you are eligible for the accommodation of Sonocent, you must discuss this accommodation with your instructor, and your instructor may require you to sign a Recording Lecture Agreement.  For more information on how to download and use Sonocent, view our How To Use Sonocent video.

Student Accommodation Reports (SAR)

Your SAR is unique to you and must be requested each semester by emailing your full name and 917 number to
You are responsible for sharing your SAR with your instructors, and discussing which accommodations you will be utilizing in class.  For more information on how to access and share your SAR, view our SAR Video.

The Testing Center

Academic Testing Services provides departmental, institutional and national testing opportunities to students and non-students in an atmosphere which enables them to perform to the best of their abilities.  Carrie Melius explains how you can use your testing accommodations in the Testing Center's Video Guide For Accommodated Students.