• What is an externship?

    An externship is a short-term informational interview that provides an opportunity to learn more about a career field. It is a voluntary experience in which you spend time observing and working with a professional in an occupational area within your field of interest. More lengthy than a job shadow but less intensive than an internship, externships allow you to observe a professionals regular daily activities, experience a typical week on the job, conduct informational interviews, tour the facility, and potentially participate in office projects. Externships offer an excellent avenue for sampling a field of interest and understanding the work environment. This can aid you in refining career goals, gaining marketable experience, and developing professional connections.

  • Why do professionals volunteer?

    Alumni and professionals receive satisfaction by sharing their knowledge and expertise to assist current UWG students in their career decision process and enjoy introducing well-qualified, motivated, and up-and-coming professionals to their career field. By sponsoring an extern, you not only show your support for UWG, but also have the opportunity to "interview" a student for a week. Our students will come to you well equipped with professional guidance from our Career Services department. All we ask for is your time - the monetary cost of the program falls to the student. However, some organization do choose to support the extern with meals or parking fee assistance, if needed. You can sponsor more than one student and can choose from any of our various majors.

  • What are the benefits of hosting an extern?

    Employers who participate in the externship program are offered a unique opportunity to market their company or organization. All employers who submit their job shadowing opportunities by the deadline will be included in marketing materials seen by students, parents, faculty, and the campus community. 

  • How will I be matched with a student?

    We ask that you provide as much information as possible on the Host Application, so that we have the best understanding as to what type of student (year, major, experience, etc.) you are interested in hosting. We will use this information to match students as closely as we can, based on interests and availability.

  • What is the process once a student has been matched for an Externship?

    Career Services will ensure that both the student and externship host will receive all information necessary to move forward in the process. The student will be responsible for contacting the host directly to schedule the Externship. Students will NOT be given contact information until match has been finalized and host has been notified of match. 

  • Will I be guaranteed that a student will be matched with every host?

    Because the program is voluntary and depends on student participation, we cannot guarantee that every sponsor who volunteers to be a host will be matched with a student. However, your opportunity will be made available every semester the program is in place, as long as you wish to remain a potential host. Your company will still be included in marketing materials listed as a potential host. UWG representatives will speak with and make every attempt to visit the host site so that we can ensure that the externship is a safe environment for our students. 

  • How structured of an experience do I need to provide?

    It is up to the host and the student(s) to determine the details for the experience. Students are responsible for communicating their interests and expectations to the host. All hosts should have a planned itinerary in place two weeks prior to the Externship and provide the schedule to the students.

  • Are there any costs associated with volunteering as a host for the Student Externship Program?

    There is not cost associated with being a host. Students are aware and understand that they are responsible for meals, parking, travel, and any other incurred costs associated with the Externship.

  • How do I become a Host?

    To become an Externship Sponsor, please complete the Host Application provided on the website.