Student Employment jobs are more than just a paycheck.

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Students obtain part-time employment while attending UWG for various reasons. You may need to work in order to meet educational and living expenses. You may work because you feel the experience could be a valuable part of your education. The skills you obtain from working complement your academic performance and communicate to future employers your ability to succeed in a professional setting.

Studies have shown that students who work do just as well or better academically than non-working students. In addition, working students are more likely to complete a degree program than non-workers. Working part-time allows students to become more “engaged” with their school and community and results in higher satisfaction with college life.

Benefits To Working A Student Job

  • Earn money to help pay your expenses
  • Reduce necessity for student loans
  • Get to know other students
  • Acquire valuable work experience for your resume
  • Opportunity to enhance fundamental work skills
  • Opportunity to sample different career choices
  • Valuable and practical career-related experiences
  • Connection to full-time staff interested in your success as a student
  • Opportunity for networking and develop relationships with professionals that can lead to letters of support/recommendation
  • Work with employers who tend to be more flexible with your hours
  • Opportunity to “engage” with UWG School and Community

Types Of Student Jobs

  • Student Assistants

    Who is eligible: Undergraduate and Graduate Students 

    A Student Assistant (SA) is a part-time employee who is currently enrolled at University of West Georgia (UWG) with the primary goal of achieving a degree. Student Assistant Positions are jobs located on campus. These jobs can range from clerical to landscaping positions. Student Assistants can work up to 29 hours a week during the semester.

    Any student currently enrolled in classes can apply for Student Assistant jobs on the Human Resources Website.

  • Federal Work Study

    Who is eligible: Undergraduate and Graduate Students

    Federal Work Study (FWS) is not a scholarship, but a chance to earn money for college. Please note that the University of West Georgia (UWG) does not guarantee that any student who qualifies for the Federal Work Study Program will be given a job. Federal Work Study (FWS) positions have a few differences from Student Assistant Positions. Federal Work Study Positions are federally funded; meaning paychecks are paid from government money. Students earn money on an hourly basis until they have earned the amount they were awarded. It is the responsibility of the student to keep track of earnings. Once a student earns their allotment, they must stop working, or be switched to a Student Assistant status. To apply for FWS jobs you must be awarded Federal Work Study through Financial Aid and also be enrolled in classes. FWS positions can be on- campus positions or off- campus positions, such as America Reads and Community Service.

    For more information please visit our West Community Student Engagement Program Section

    Any student currently enrolled in classes and has accepted their FWS Award can apply for FWS jobs on the Human Resources Website.

  • Student Research Assistant Positions

    Who is eligible: Undergraduate and Graduate Students

    The Student Research Assistant Program (SRAP) is funded by the University of West Georgia Foundation. SRAP enables faculty and staff to employ undergraduates to assist in research or other college-related work. SRAP encourages students to participate in research and other educational opportunities anchored to their chosen fields of study in order to enhance their learning experience, improve their quality of life, advance their academic research skills, and promote the University of West Georgia. The program will also help diminish the attrition rates among underclassmen at the University of West Georgia while accomplishing at least one of the following goals: Contribute in some significant way to the quality of life on campus. Advance some recognized academic or research project. Promote the institution and enhance its reputation.

    For questions and opportunities in the SRAP program please contact Stacey Rowland by phone at 678-839-0628 or by email

    Any student currently enrolled in classes can view SRAP jobs on the Human Resources Website.

  • Graduate Assistant / Graduate Research Assistant / Teaching Assistant

    Who is Eligible: Graduate Students

    The University of West Georgia provides a number of Graduate Assistantships, Graduate Research Assistant and Teaching Assistantships for our students. These assistantships offer valuable professional development opportunities in various programs and departments within the university for our degree-seeking students through supervised work experiences. Assistantships support the research, teaching, and service responsibilities of the University and help students pay for their graduate training. Therefore, graduate assistants must maintain satisfactory academic progress and performance and successfully complete the assigned research, teaching, or other responsibilities.

    To view all Graduate Assistant/Graduate Research Assistant/Teaching Assistant positions please visit the Human Resources Website.

  • Off Campus

    Who is eligible: Undergraduate and Graduate Students

    Off Campus Positions are jobs located in Carrollton and surrounding areas. The University of West Georgia Student Employment Office acts only as a Referral Service for off-campus, non-UWG positions and makes no particular recommendations regarding employers. Since off-campus, non-work study employment opportunities are not under the jurisdiction of UWG, the University assumes no obligation for verification of job standards, continued employment or affirmative action procedures.

    Students must be currently registered and enrolled in at least one class to view all available Off-campus Positions through Handshake.


  • What types of jobs are available with Student Employment?

    We have a variety of on-campus and off-campus jobs. For Undergraduate Students positions consist of: Student Assistant (SA), Federal Work Study (FWS), and Student Research Assistant Positions (SRAP). For Graduate Students positions consist of: Student Assistant (SA), Federal Work Study (FWS), Graduate Assistant (GA), Graduate Research Assistant (GRA), and Teaching Assistant (TA).

    Off Campus jobs are also available and are not affiliated with the University. These jobs are available to Undergraduate and Graduate Students.

    For more information please view the Types of Student Jobs section located above.

  • How do I contact Student Employment? Where is Student Employment located?

    You can reach us at, or call us at 678-839-6403. Our office is located in Aycock Hall, Room 112.

  • When and where can I look for a job?

    Matriculated students in good standing, enrolled in at least six credit hours, may begin their job search once they have enrolled for the upcoming/current semester. International students holding appropriate US Department of State student visas must be enrolled as full time students in order to work. 

    Student Employment opportunities are found on Human Resources.

    Students may also go directly to any department on-campus to inquire about student employment opportunities.

  • How do I apply for jobs?

    All student employment positions are posted on Human Resources.

    Students will need to register, upload a resume for approval and can then start searching and applying to jobs once they have an approved resume. 

    Graduate Assistantships can be found by visiting the department you wish to obtain an assistantship with or by visiting the Graduate Student Assistantships site.

  • How many hours can I work?

    All student workers and graduate assistants can work a maximum of 29 hours per work week during the Fall and Spring semesters. During Academic Breaks and the Summer Semester student employees are permitted to work up to 40 hours a week.

    The UWG work week is from Saturday through Friday. Your schedule will be set by your supervisor.

  • What documents do I need for student employment?

    Before beginning work as a University of West Georgia student employee, among other things you must complete the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Form I-9 to verify your eligibility to work in the US. You will need to show us specific ORIGINAL, UNEXPIRED identification (copies are not permitted), as mandated by the federal government. Acceptable forms of identification are listed at (page 9 of 9).

    In addition, if you have not been paid by UWG previously you will need to complete payroll tax forms, a W-4 Employee Withholding Allowance Form and a State of Georgia Withholding Form.
    Please Note: An exemption certificate is good for the calendar year. Any employee who claims “EXEMPT” from withholding is required to complete a new W-4 form by February 16th of each year to continue being exempt from the following year. Otherwise, his/her exemption will become single with 0.

    All newly hired student employees will go to Human Resources in Aycock Hall to complete a new hire packet.

  • How and when am I paid?

    The university uses an online tool called OneUSG for clocking in and out purposes. Payment schedule is bi-weekly and is direct deposited to the account you provide Human Resources every other Friday. You will use OneUSG to obtain a copy of your pay statement.

  • How do I request verification of my student employment?


    It is the responsibility of the University of West Georgia (UWG) to protect the privacy of its employees. As a service to employees, the Department of Human Resources will furnish, upon written request of third parties outside of the University, an employee’s dates of employment at the University and his or her title or position. In instances when payroll information is request (e.g., salary information for the purpose of obtaining a loan or assistance), the requesting party will be advised that this information will only be made available with the written consent of the employee.

    Human Resources can provide information regarding gross earnings but we encourage you to access your pay statements and information from OneUSG.

    All request for verification of employment should be handled by:

    Office of Human Resources
    Aycock Hall, Room 112
    1601 Maple St
    Carrollton, GA 30118
    Phone: 678-839-6403 Fax: 678-839-6425

  • Do I need to do anything if I leave a job before the end of the academic year or summer?

    If you leave your position, for whatever reason, before the end of the academic year or summer, you must notify Student Employment by telephone or email and you must include your last date of work. 

  • May I return to the same job each year?

    Yes, if you are invited to do so by your employer and if you are a matriculated student in good standing, enrolled in at least half-time semester hours. Your department will need to complete a new PAR form for you for the semesters for which you are returning.

  • Can I work on campus even if I am not taking classes?

    In order to be a student employee you must be taking classes for that semester.

    During the fall and spring semester you must be enrolled at a minimum of part time in order to work on campus. 

    During the Summer Semester you must be enrolled at a minimum of part time in order to work on campus.

    If you are not taking classes you can still view and apply for all off campus positions.

  • Can I have more than one job on campus?

    Yes, students are able to have a MAXIMUM of two jobs on campus at a time, as long as both positions are not FWS jobs. 

    Under no circumstances, can you have two FWS positions at one time.

    Students still cannot exceed the 29 hour limitation. It is very important that you track your hours so that you do not work more than 29 hours total.

  • What should I do if I haven't heard from an employer?

    We recommend if you haven’t heard from an employer in a week after the application deadline, send them an email stating you are still interested in the position and if they can let you know if the position is still available.

  • What do I put on my resume if I don't have any work experience?

    Any type of experience, whether it is paid or unpaid, is experience. Employers will not know what you can do unless you tell them. Show employers how valuable you are through your resume. Volunteer work is considered experience and the CSI Office can assist you with volunteering in the community.  

    If you need help with your resume, you can visit the Office of Career and Graduate School Connections during their walk-in resume hours or make an appointment with one of our staff members to assist you with this process.