West Community Student Engagement Program  

The West Community Student Engagement Program (WCSE) encourages students who have been awarded Federal Work-Study to find on-campus and off-campus employment opportunities. WCSE - FWS jobs are designed to engage students in improving quality of life for community residents, particularly low-income individuals, or to address issues such as: literacy training, social services, housing, neighborhood improvement, public safety, recreation, at-risk youth and community improvement. You need to maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA to participate in the WCSE program. 

Students are encouraged to find positions in the “West Community” (Carroll County, Haralson County, Douglas County, and Cowetta County) and become “engaged students” while learning and earning money.

Student Opportunities include:

  • Student Assistants (On Campus)
  • Reading Tutors (Off Campus through America Reads)
  • Math Tutors (Off Campus through America Counts)
  • Community Outreach Assistants (Off Campus through Community Outreach)

Through the WCSE Program, not only are students able to find Federal Work-Study positions, but they get gainful experience and networking opportunities while becoming “engaged” with the community.


  • What is Federal Work Study (FWS) and how does it work?

    FWS is a government- based program that provides funds for part-time jobs to students during the school year. It is based on information you provide on your FAFSA. You are allotted a certain amount of money to earn per semester. You must have a FWS job in order for the funds to be used and is on a first come, first serve basis. Once you have obtained a FWS position, you will be paid for the hours you worked through your FWS funds.

    For more information please visit What is Federal Work Study 

  • How can I apply for FWS?

    The first step in getting FWS is to apply for financial aid. Filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) will establish eligibility for FWS as well as other types of Federal Financial Aid. Be sure to indicate interest in Work-Study where the question is asked. Financial Aid will review your file to determine your eligibility.

  • How do I know if I have FWS?

    You can either speak with Student Solutions or check you BanWeb account 

  • How do I find and apply for FWS positions?

     For more information please visit I’ve Been Awarded FWS. How do I get a job?

  • Does FWS go towards my tuition?

    No, it cannot be applied to your tuition; it is a way for you to make money during the semester. Once you have obtained a FWS position, you will receive a bi-weekly paycheck for the hours you worked. 

  • What is the difference between FWS and SA positions?

    FWS and SA positions are the same type of work with the difference being how the positions are funded. SA positions are funded 100% by UWG and for FWS positions 75% of the positions is funded by the federal government while the remaining 25% is funded by UWG. 

  • Do I have to work?

    No, you do not have to work, but working is the only way you have access to the grant money. If you do not work at a Federal Work-Study job during the year you are awarded a grant, you will not earn any part of that grant. If you obtain a Federal Work-Study job at any time during the grant year, you will start earning that grant money. 

  • Must I accept the job offered to me?

    No. You will have an opportunity to consider the jobs available at the time you want to start working. After interviewing with a department and receiving a job offer, you decide whether or not to accept the job. If you decide not to accept the job, you may apply and interview for other jobs. Keep in mind that FWS jobs fill quickly.

  • Am I paid to study?

    No. Federal Work-Study jobs are real jobs with real responsibilities. You are paid to work; NOT to study.  

  • If I don't use all the award money this year, may I use the Federal Work-Study grant I got this year to work next year? If I have a grant this year, will I have one next year?

    No. Federal Work-Study is a form of Financial Aid and, like other forms of financial aid, may be used only in the year for which it was awarded. You must reapply for this, as well as all other types of aid, each year. There is no guarantee that you will receive a grant each year, as it is part of your total financial aid package and will be influenced by other types of aid you receive (including loans), family income and your non-Federal Work-Study income during the previous year. All of these items are variables and can impact your eligibility.

  • May I return to the same job each year?

    Yes, but only if you are invited to do so by your employer AND if you are eligible the following year for Federal Work-Study. You must apply for financial aid each year and you must obtain and complete the appropriate paperwork from Student Employment at the beginning of each year. You do not need new paperwork if you are continuing a job from fall to spring semester, but you do need new paperwork for the summer and the next academic year. 

  • May I work off-campus with my Federal Work-Study grant?

    Yes, FWS jobs may be on or off-campus. UWG encourages those students eligible for FWS to take advantage of employment offered through our West Community Student Engagement Program. These jobs are available both on campus and in the local community. Off-campus FWS jobs may be with federal, state, or local public agencies or private nonprofit organizations and must be in the public interest.