• Adult and Military Friendly Faculty of the Year

    Adult and Military Friendly Faculty of the Year

    Faculty transform the lives of the students they teach and mentor, and the Center for Adult Learners and Veterans wants to recognize those faculty who dedicate their energy to helping the students it serves.  Each year, students get a chance to nominate faculty members who do this and are especially adult- and military-friendly.

  • Career Development Award

    Career Development Award

    Recipients of the Career Development Award demonstrate a commitment to advnacing their skills in the areas of self-knowledge, job search strategies, and interview techniques by making use of the many services offered by Career Services.  

  • Engagement Award

    Engagement Award

    The Engagement Award goes to the adult learners and military-connected students who have recorded attendance at the greatest number of campus events.  

  • Outstanding Academic Achievement Award
    Outstanding Academic Achievement Award

    Representing about 5% of their population, the adult learners and military-connected students recognized for the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award have at least a 3.66 cumulative GPA and 30 or more semester hours earned.   


  • Perseverance Award
    Perseverance Award

    Every student faces challenges, but adult learners and military-connected students often face unique obligations in balancing work, education, and caring for family members.  The Perseverance Awards recognize students who have persisted through personal hardship to achieve success.  

  • Service Award

    Service Award

    The students who earn the Service Awards does so by giving of themselves.  This award recognizes the students who record the most hours of service, on campus and in the community, during the academic year.  

  • Undergraduate Research Award
    Undergraduate Research Award

    The University of West Georgia takes pride in its role as a comprehensive university that emphasizes undergradutate education, including the opportunity to conduct undergraduate research with faculty mentorship.  The Undergraduate Research Award recognizes two adult learners and two military-connected students each academic year.