The Advising Center's goal is to shorten the time to degree in accordance with UWG's Complete College Georgia Strategy 14 by actively monitoring the degree progress of its students and intervening for students who are off track for graduation in four to six years.  

We holistically advise by looking at the "whole" student.  We use a developmental approach in an effort to communicate with students to help them reach their personal, academic, and vocational goals.  Here are some things you can expect from your advisor:

  • Help students track progress towards degree
    • Provide appopriate course recommendations
    • Help students navigate the registratrion process
      • Help students navigate Wolf Watch (DegreeWorks), Schedule Builder, and Banweb
  • Help students decide if they are in the right major
    • Help students transition to a new major if their current one is not a good fit
  • Develop rapport with students so advisors can check on mental and emotional well being
  • Help students utilize campus resources

The Difference between Academic Advisors and Career Counselors

Academic advisors provide academic advice about degree programs, procedures and academic practices. We help students map out their academic plans, select courses and adhere to academic regulations. We can tell you the types of courses you'll take in pursuit of a degree and help you decide if those course requirements fit your skills based on previous academic performance. If you want to discuss the contents of an academic program of study, you want to see an advisor.

Career Counselors use a variety of tools to help clients clarify their knowledge about their values, interests, personality and skills. They also help clients identify options and information about their career path, which equips students to make informed decisions and transition into their ideal career. If you want to explore how your personality matches different careers, you want to see a Career Counselor.  Click this link for information about our career counselors: Career Services