Make the Most of Your Wolf Experience!

We encourage students to maximize their Wolf Experience by being a part of our inclusive pack community, engaging fully in the life of the university, and utilizing our resources for success both in and out of the classroom. Get involved and track all of your student engagement to generate a verified record of your co-curricular involvement known distinctively as “Wolf Experience. 

As an integral part of the Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Division, Student Life aspires to advance the institution’s mission and support the whole development of students. We look to our division’s Strategic Priorities as a roadmap, to employ our Pack Principles focusing on fostering a caring and inclusive community, enhancing student engagement, and promoting transformative learning.

Learn more about the Wolf Experience and our Pack Principles to help students succeed!


Welcome Home! Be a Part of the pack community by taking advantage of our exceptional resources and live in our learning-centered residential communities.


Engage in the Life of the University and make the most of your Wolf Experience through getting involved in various Student Life constituent units and campus partnerships—ranging from:

Research reveals that student engagement in meaningful educational activities leads to a more enriching college experience and a greater likelihood of persistence toward graduation.


Discover and develop your gifts, talents, and potential through becoming an engaged learner as part of your Wolf Experience .

The Wolf Experience

At the University of West Georgia, Student Life equals Student Success!  The Wolf Experience will ensure UWG Wolves will engage in the campus community and enter their future having gained experiences in the following Student Life areas:

  • Leadership
  • Health, Wellness and Awareness
  • Global and Intercultural Understanding
  • Civility and Citizenship
  • Experiential Learning
  • Positive Social Experiences

Wolf Leadership - Wolf leadership changes lives.  Wolf leadership includes training programs and workshops and participation in positional, organizational and personal opportunities.  Wolf Leadership prepares students to be successful on campus, and in their professional endeavors. 

Wolf Health, Wellness and Awareness - Healthy Wolves possess the quality of self-awareness, self-care, and care of others.  Healthy Wolves participate in wellness programs, attend Health Education and Counseling Programs and engage in the wide variety of recreation and fitness programs at UWG.  Well Wolves manage stress in a productive way that encourages academic and personal success.  Well Wolves are aware of and utilize the variety of resources to help themselves and others in the process of Health and Wellness.

Wolf Civility and Citizenship - Wolf territory extends beyond the campus.  Wolves are members of a campus and local community.  Wolves are respectful, positive, productive members of the UWG Community.   Wolf Civility and Citizenship includes adherence to UWG values, policies and procedures, adherence to our academic values, respect for all members of the UWG Community, recognition of the value of service, volunteerism and improving the lives of others.

Wolf Global and Intercultural Understanding - Wolves are a part of an increasingly diverse and complex world.  Wolves understand diversity, inclusion, and intercultural understanding and the value and importance of each.  They are able to identify and address their own biases for their own development and understanding.  They seek opportunities to learn and understand and be contributing members of a diverse world. 

Positive Social Wolf Experiences - UWG offers a wide variety of positive social experiences for all Wolves-from Intramurals to Hall Councils, Student Organizations to Career Development-Welcome Back Blast, Homecoming, Spring Fling, Hallapalooza,  Concerts, Intramurals, educational programs, Mix It Up at Lunch Challenge,  Greek Week; all examples of the Positive Social Experiences available to all Wolves. Wolves attend and participate in the incredible array of Student Life offerings and benefit from these positive and affirming experiences.

Wolf Experiential Learning - Wolves learn in and outside of the classroom, excelling in the curricular and co-curricular aspects of UWG.  Experiential learning encompasses internships, on-campus jobs, externships, and the counselor training program.  Experiential learning provides experience and learning, learning by doing, and the opportunity to apply classroom learning outside of the classroom.