Estimates are our best-guess cost for your job based on the description you provide. It is difficult to provide an accurate estimate over the telephone because cost depends on the specific processes to be used. Estimates made without seeing your material require assumptions that can be subject to error. It's a good idea to come by Publications and Printing to discuss your new printing needs. Although appointments made in advance will be helpful, they are not required. To obtain an estimate, we will need to know:

  • Number of copies to be printed
  • Number of pages or panels
  • Finished size
  • Type of paper
  • Typesetting needs (You can provide a computer disk with paginated copy or text only.)
  • Ink colors
  • Finishing/binding required

Please note that an estimate is an approximation of the price only. Variables, such as editorial changes that you may make while your job is in production, a change in the number of copies printed, or changes in design that require a different production method than quoted, can affect the final cost. Because of the changing cost of production materials, estimates are good for 30 days only.

Charges and Payment Procedures

According to policies established by the University, there are 3 rate categories in the charge-back structure:

  • Academic Rate - the rate category for academic departments, administrative offices and other areas directly funded under state appropriation to the University.
  • Non-Academic Rate - the rate for officially recognized student organizations, professional organizations of UWG faculty and staff, and auxiliary enterprise groups.
  • C.O.D. or Personal - the rate category for students, faculty and staff.

There are two methods of payment for services rendered by Publications and Printing:

  • Billing to an active Office of Business and Finance account number
  • Payment by cash, check, or credit/debit cards.

When your office, department or organization has an active account with the Office of Business and Finance, your printing is charged to that account. All academic departments, administrative offices and a number of student and professional organizations have accounts. Please provide your account number when you place your printing order. Charges billed to university accounts are sent to the Office of Business and Finance daily. Unless your print job is charged to a current university account number or arrangements have been made to be billed, payment should be made prior to production.

Permission to Spend

If your department requires a Permission to Spend form before you place a print order, please bring the form with you or e-mail to so your order will not be delayed.