Elizabeth Keohane-Burbridge, Ph.D.

Prior to joining the faculty at UWG, Dr. Keohane-Burbridge taught in a variety of positions. She has been a special education preschool teacher, a college history instructor, and a high school social studies teacher. Dr. Keohane-Burbridge earned her PhD in medieval history from Fordham University and her MAT from UWG. 

  • B.A., History, Boston College, 2002
  • MA, History, Fordham University, 2006
  • Ph.D., Medieval History, Fordham University, 2016
  • M.A.T., Secondary Education / Social Studies, University of West Georgia, 2022

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Keohane-Burbridge, E. (2013). The Clergymen of Medieval Convocation: A Prosopographical Study of the Representatives of the Dioceses of Lincoln and Winchester from 1313 to 1536. Medieval Prosopography, 35-60. [View Publication External Resource]