We want you to know that in these uncertain times, we are with you. Many aspects of our campus will change because of COVID-19. To assist with these changes, we have put together an excellent, budget-friendly Reopening Kit to help you as you take preventative measures and prepare for our students, staff, and faculty's return. To place an order, please email printservices@westga.edu.

Reopening Kit Options

Small Kit

Small Reopening Kit    
Posters 12"x18"5$6.25
Retractable Banner (lrg) 34"x81"1$125.00
Decals 12"x12" (wall/counter/glass)2$40.00
Decals 12"x12"3 $60.00

Large Kit

Large Reopening Kit    
Posters 12"x18"25$27.50
Retractable Banner (lrg) 34"x81"4$500.00
Decals 12"x12" (wall/counter/glass)25$375.00
Decals 12"x12"25$375.00

The Extra Mile - Additional Services

We also offer masks*, virus shield anti-microbial laminating that can be applied to any printing*, customizable vinyl decals/lettering for sneeze guards, and customized hand sanitizing stations*. You are welcome to choose and customize any of the items from our kit.

Email us at printservices@westga.edu to place an order or to receive a custom quote.

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  • Please note that while you can purchase masks, they are plain and cannot be customized. They may require additional lead time and are subject to availability.
  • Anti-microbial laminating is an add-on option at additional cost and may require additional lead time of up to 5-7 working days.
  • Hand sanitizer is additional and subject to availability.

Kit Examples

Reopening kit print item examples such as COVID information standing banners and social distancing floor markers.