The University of West Georgia Police Department (UWGPD) is committed to providing the University of West Georgia with a safe environment conducive to the goals of education and research. The primary objective in this capacity is to serve the members of the UWG community including students, faculty, staff, alumni and occasional off-campus organizations. The safety and security of the University of West Georgia is the combined responsibility of the entire University community.

This section outlines basic police service request policies. Additional policies for specific events may also apply. Please email Capt. Bill Stuart (bstuart@​westga.​edu) with the UWGPD Administrative Office to discuss individual event needs.

Police Service Requests

All campus events must be scheduled using the Reserve West system Reserve West (also known as Campus EMS). If it is deemed that UPD services will be needed for the event, the Police department will notify the requestor for additional information. The priority of a service request is determined at the discretion of the UWGPD Administrative Office.                                   

General Service Request Policies

  • Requests submitted on time are accepted on a first come, first served basis within the priority level.
  • A request for service does not guarantee that a service will be assigned. The UWGPD Administrative Office reserves the right to reject any request that it determines programmatically and operationally too difficult to accommodate. Service requests may also be denied if the organization or event conflicts with any university policies.
  • All services for registered student organizations must be approved by the organization president, vice-president or advisor. Organizations will be responsible for adhering to all policies and procedures regarding security, conduct and damages agreement.
  • UWGPD prohibits activities that interfere with people entering or exiting the building.


  • An invoice will be sent to the requestor with chart string information for approval and payment processing prior to the event.
  • An invoice will be based upon requested event duration (3-hour minimum) and number of personnel needed, at the rate of $45/hour per personnel. (Duration is more than just the scheduled duration of the event itself, starting from the time personnel arrives until departure. This allows for proper campus safety services before and after the event, including conducting traffic, security, etc.) Also, an event planning and management fee will be added to all events.
  • If the UWGPD determines that a group has intentionally misrepresented their anticipated attendance to the UWGPD and additional personnel is needed on an emergency basis the rate of pay for the additional personnel is $100 per hour.
  • If the event exceeds the requested event duration, an additional invoice will be issued.
  • UWG graduations and UWG football games are the only events that will not be charged for police services.


  • Events requiring less than 3 personnel require a 10 business day notification and 3 or more officers require a 30-day notice by email to bstuart@​westga.​edu. Failure to provide a 30-day notice may be subjected to an increase in hourly rate based on availability.
  • Outside agencies are not permitted to be used on campus for law enforcement or traffic without the permission of the University of West Georgia Police Department.
  • UWGPD reserves the right of refusal to accommodate an event, especially for “drop-in” or “walk-through” requests.
  • UWGPD will also be the determining authority regarding how many personnel are needed for a particular event. This determination will be based upon several factors, including but not limited to the number of anticipated participants/guests, event location, and historical safety/security of needs of the particular event in the past (in the case of repeated events).


  • Cancelations for services are non-refundable.

Risk Management

  • Events deemed as high-risk by the University Recreation staff may require a meeting with the Risk Management Director.
  • A Certificate of Insurance may be required for outside groups, engaging activities, and ticketed events.
  • Golf carts are not permitted on the Campus Center back patio. Vehicles should park at the designated loading dock or cart area for loading/unloading. Any special requests must be submitted to the University Recreation administration staff for approval. 

Hold Harmless Agreement

  • Client agrees to hold the State of Georgia, University of West Georgia or University Police, and their officers and employees blameless in the event of any personal injuries, loss of life, theft or damages arising out of use of contracted facilities.
  • The University of West Georgia is not responsible for damage or loss of any article or equipment kept or left before, during or after an event.

All requesters of the police services must agree to comply with University Police and University of West Georgia rules, regulations and policies. Requestors must also comply with appropriate state and federal laws, and fire department rules and regulations. Failure to abide by any of these policies or any other police department policy may result in forfeiture of service privileges.