Crime Prevention by Environmental Design

The physical environment can have a dramatic effect upon our feelings, behavior, and the way in which we view the behavior of others. The Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) theory is that the form, arrangement, and design of buildings and open spaces can encourage or discourage undesirable behavior and criminal activity. The UWG Police Department is committed to using the CPTED principles to help reduce and eliminate any undesirable and unwanted behavior on campus. UWG Police CPTED Officers are involved in making recommendations on building designs of campus wide construction projects and updating the University of West Georgia

CPTED Analysis

If you are interested in having your area surveyed for improved safety/security enhancement contact the University of West Georgia Police Department's CPTED Specialist Lieutenant William J. Stuart.

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Self Defense Classes

Self defense classes can be taught on request. Email Sgt. Nick Garner at or further information.

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Active Shooter Training

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Plan, Prepare, React: Active Shooter Response Options for Institutes of Higher Education




 Active Shooter training classes can be taught on request. Email Ned Watson for further information.

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