by Colton Campbell

Taylor Enfinger stood on a small metal platform and looked at the Nevis River more than 400 feet below her.

Taylor Enfinger Her feet tied to a bungee cord, she felt the New Zealand wind against her face. She stretched out her arms and heard the technician count backwards from three.

When he said “go,” she stepped off.

“I was thinking to myself, ‘This is exactly how my life has played out,’” Enfinger said, recalling the experience. “Find the highest cliff and jump. See where it takes you. You never know. You could fail, or you could have a blast along the ride. I’ve found the latter is truer when you push yourself outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself by making your life an adventure.”

That sense of adventure is something Enfinger has always had, but while attending the University of West Georgia, she got her first real taste of what’s out there. Now she’s hooked.

“One of the biggest takeaways I received from my time at UWG was the study abroad program,” Enfinger said. “I had the opportunity to go to Barcelona as an undergrad and Dublin as a graduate student. Those are some of the most memorable experiences of my life so far, not only learning about how people conduct business in different countries, but also how other people live outside America’s borders.”

The Dallas, Ga., native earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at UWG. Having worked in her field for six years, she’s embarking on a new journey beginning in March, in which she’ll live in 12 different countries around the globe for one month at a time.

Enfinger’s travel to four different continents will be facilitated by Remote Year, a company that helps people interested in working remotely with the logistics of maintaining their current positions while traveling for a year. She’ll be visiting countries in Africa, Europe and South America and will finish her trip in March 2019 in Mexico City.

“My experiences in the UWG study abroad program were huge, but what really made me want to do this was the experience I had visiting Australia and New Zealand by myself a couple of years ago,” Enfinger said. “When I came back from that trip, I had to find out what other options there were to go abroad and keep my job at the same time. I knew it was something I wanted to do before I got married and have children, so this is the perfect time.”

Enfinger is a senior technology consultant at the Atlanta-based company ANNUITAS, a demand-generation firm that helps business-to-business marketing and sales leaders build and execute buyer-centric demand generation.

“I had to pitch the idea of doing a remote year to my supervisors, and they saw how passionate I was about traveling and making sure I keep my work consistent from thousands of miles away,” Enfinger said. “You never know how your colleagues or bosses are going to react, but, after my pitch, they just asked what they could do to support me, which was amazing.”

As a senior technology consultant for ANNUITAS with more than six years of marketing experience, Enfinger serves as the technology lead for her client accounts and leads the implementation of demand generation strategies as well as implementation of marketing technologies for Fortune 500 companies within the U.S. and abroad.

Enfinger is a three-time Marketo Champion, five-time Marketo Certified Expert, a Marketo Certified Solutions Architect and a Certified SFDC Administrator. She was also awarded the prestigious 30 Under 30 award from UWG in 2016 for her significant contribution in her career industry and ongoing dedication to UWG.

Enfinger received her bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Richards College of Business in 2012 before enrolling in the master of business administration degree program, from which she graduated two years later.

Taylor Enfinger “I chose UWG because I wanted to be close to home, but far enough to have the real college experience,” Enfinger said. “After I took the first campus tour, I saw how much personality UWG and Carrollton have, and when I compared the university to other schools I was considering, I liked how UWG has a small-town feel but you can do big things there.”

Enfinger said she appreciated how professors at UWG were constantly pushing her to be better.

“Some professors would have these incredibly challenging tests that weren’t hard, per se, but just challenged you to think outside the box,” Enfinger said. “It wasn’t about memorizing a laundry list of facts or filling in the blank. At the time, it was challenging, but I look back on it now and it was such a rewarding experience to have such great professors who had your best interest at heart.”

Enfinger departs for Cape Town, South Africa, in early March, and will return to Atlanta in March 2019.

“I’m excited for the journey, but I know it’s going to be hard to be away from everyone I know and thrown into completely different cultures every month for a year,” Enfinger said. “It’s all about having balance as a workaholic, but also knowing it’s important to balance that with life and having transformative experiences like the ones I’m planning to have over the next year of my life.”

Posted on March 5, 2018