Dione Gould: The Number Cruncher

photoOne of five children with a stay-at-home mother and a retired father, accounting major Dione Gould couldn’t have received his academic scholarship to the University of West Georgia at a better time.

“The night I found out I won the scholarship was the night of my high school honor’s night,” he says. “I was completely stunned and excited. This scholarship aids me financially in pursuing a career that I will enjoy having because it pays for an education that, otherwise, my family and I cannot pay for.”

Although he comes from a large family, Dione wanted that same intimacy in college to help him feel right at home. “Being at UWG Newnan is not just a huge group of people in a classroom with a teacher at the front. I like the close, family feel. I’ve had to get to know almost everyone in the classroom.”

Now that he doesn’t have to worry about funds from semester to semester, Dione has had time to make long-term plans for his future and hones his skills in math while pursing a degree in accounting. “I’m good at math and there will always be a need for accountants,” he says. “Eventually I want to become the CFO of a company.”

Receiving this scholarship has meant more than receiving funds and getting a free education for Dione. He’s also learned the importance of giving. “Whether through donations or my own scholarship, I plan to provide money to college students. I’ve seen how much this scholarship has helped me and now I know it can do the same for another student pursuing his or her dreams.”