Beth Mulvey
Director of Development 

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LocationNewnan Center
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        M - F
        8 AM - 5 PM

All of the enthusiasm and growth within Newnan and the surrounding area has made this a perfect time to grow our campus and launch our first fundraising effort: Building on the Past. Preparing for the Future. I know that if all who support this transformation join together in supporting this pivotal campaign, we will make a significant difference in the well-being of our community and in the lives of future UWG Newnan students for generations to come.   Help us build toward a bright future.
A remarkable transformation has occurred at UWG Newnan. As the university embarks on this new journey, we are blending the old with the new. The new state of the art campus exhibits the markings of the historic Newnan Hospital but also provides students with a campus like environment where they will not only receive a leading education but be able make new memories and develop their own traditions in a place that is already rich in community heritage.