The Ingram Library welcomes gifts and donations to the library as long as they fill a need in the collection. We kindly ask that potential gifts and donations adhere to the following procedure:

The Ingram Library does not allow an unscheduled drop-off of possible gifts and donations. Unexpected donations that are left at the front desk will be discarded.

If you have items that may be a benefit to the Ingram Library collection, we ask that you prepare an itemized list that includes author, title and edition number (if relevant). It helps to have the ISBN but that isn’t necessary. We prefer itemized lists that are formatted in MS Word or Excel (or an equivalent program).

Send an email to with your contact information, and attach the itemized list of possible donations. Please make sure your full name, email address and phone number is included.

Once we have thoroughly evaluated the list, someone from the Technical Services department will contact you via phone or email about the titles we wish to add to the collection. If we can’t accept any of the titles, we will at least send an email response letting you know that the material doesn’t satisfy any of the library’s needs.

Once items are accepted, the Ingram Library will provide an official letter acknowledging the donations along with a Gift-In-Kind Form. If you plan to include the donation on tax documents, the Gift-In-Kind Form needs to be filled out by the donor so a proper value can be assigned to the items donated.

The Gift-In-Kind Form needs to be returned to the Technical Services department so we can verify the donation and forward the paperwork to the UWG Foundation, Inc. The UWG Foundation can then send the donor an official document for tax purposes.

A few items to note:

We encourage the donation of monographs written by current UWG faculty members.

The Ingram Library is not allowed to assign values to any of the items that are donated. If donated items will be reported on tax documents, it is up to the donor to calculate the fair market value of the item(s).

Items that are possible donations must be in good condition and able to stand the daily wear-and-tear of an academic library.

The Ingram Library reserves the right to accept an item as a donation and then discard it if the item is in poor condition.