Ingram Library facilities, collections, and services support teaching and learning; showcase scholarship; and reflect distinct characteristics and resources of the university. In order to sustain a welcoming, supportive, and safe environment, library faculty and staff expect all users to follow the policies and laws established by the University and the State of Georgia.

These policies are applicable to all library users and enforceable by all library staff.

Students may move furniture within an area in order to accommodate their research or learning needs but are expected to return it to its original location.

Patron Conduct Policy

Users of the Ingram library must follow the UWG Conduct Code.

Examples of unacceptable behavior include, but are not limited to:

  • Causing disturbances that interfere with the normal use of the library, including rowdiness, excessive noise, and offensive interpersonal behavior
  • Damaging, defacing, removing, or misusing library materials and furniture
  • Harassing or stalking library staff or users
  • Using alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, or controlled substances
  • Unauthorized use, possession, or storage of any weapon
  • Engaging in sexual activities
  • Engaging in unauthorized posting of material, or vending, peddling, panhandling, or solicitation of merchandise/services in library facilities
  • Tampering with emergency mechanisms such as fire alarms
  • Using emergency exits in non-emergencies
  • Being in unauthorized areas of the building, including employee-only areas, remaining after closing, and failing to leave during a drill or emergency
  • Bringing animals into the library, with the exception of service animals assisting individuals with disabilities. No other animals, including pets, emotional support animals, or therapy animals, are permitted
  • Taking library materials or lab equipment (such as copy paper, computer periphera, toners, staplers, etc) without authorization
  • Leaving children unattended in the library. In accordance with the Unaccompanied Children policy, children under 12 must be supervised by an adult. Unattended children will be reported to Public Safety.
  • Bringing bikes and motorized carts into the library. Other than strollers & vehicles used by persons with disabilities, wheeled vehicles, including skateboards, are not permitted in the library unless carried as personal property
  • Violating the Food, Beverages, and Tobacco policy of the library (drinks in covered containers, clean up area when finished, clean spills & notify staff when necessary)
  • Using a speakerphone or video chat to take a phone call
  • Failing to use headphones to listen to music, videos, or audio of any kind

Penalties for violations of these standards range from warnings and temporary expulsion from the building to suspension or ex-pulsion from the university to referral to the legal system for prosecution.