• I am a professor who needs a software application installed in a homework lab or computer classroom.  How should I go about this and how long does this take?

    Please give ITS four weeks notice if software is needed in any lab or computer classroom.  You may contact the ITS Service Desk at 678-839-6587.

  • What are the responsibilities of the Lab Assistants?

    The Lab Assistants are hired to assist students with minor computer problems and to keep the labs orderly and clean.  The Lab Assistants are instructed not to assist students with resolving problems relating to coursework.  A student should seek the assistance of their instructor for these issues.

  • Can I download music in the labs?

    The Computer Labs are for educational purposes only.  Lab users failing to comply with the lab guidelines may lose privileges to campus lab facilities.

  • Who is responsible for maintaining the labs?

    The Lab Assistants can assist you with general problems that you may encounter in the labs (printer jams, saving files, etc...).  If a Lab Assistant encounters a problem they are unable to resolve, they will place the machine “Out of Service” and contact campus technical support.  Students should save often and use another machine if a computer is placed out of service.

  • When are classes held in the College of Education Labs?

    Unlike many other computer labs on campus, the College of Education schedules classes in all four of its computer labs. Located next to the lab assistant’s desk (on the second floor of the Education Center) is a current listing of class schedules. This schedule is printed out twice a week.

  • Can I make a phone call in the labs using an internet phone program?

    The Computer Labs are for educational purposes only.  Lab users failing to comply with the lab guidelines may lose privileges to campus lab facilities.

  • Why do different labs have different hours of operation?

    Based on budgeting issues, each lab tries to maximize hours of operation for the majority of users.

  • Why do some labs charge for printing?

    Most labs allow ample printing for class projects.   It is those individuals who print out large quantities of documents who are charged.  Each lab has its own printing policy.  Please see Printing Policy on this web site.

  • How do I update my application for a job in the computer labs?

    Once you started the application process your log-in and password information was e-mailed to you. You can use this information to log back in and update your information at any time.

  • Can I install my own software on lab computers?

    Lab computers are for educational purposes. Most campus labs don't allow installation of student-owned software or changes in existing configurations. If you need to use your own software for a class project or demonstration, please check with the lab assistant for policies and installation instructions, if permitted. Please have a copy of the original media and/or license agreement with you, and remove the programs once you have completed your project.

  • I'm taking classes at the Newnan Center, are computer labs available there too?

    The Newnan Center manages and maintains several computer labs with software and hardware commensurate to the labs on the main campus.  You can learn more about the Newnan Center here.