Apostles of Revolution - Dr. John Ferling

Department of History

Acclaimed historian Dr. John Ferling's new book, Apostles of Revolution (2018), tells the story of how Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and James Monroe championed the most radical ideas of the American Revolution and yearned for the French Revolution to succeed.

Written as a sweeping narrative of a pivotal epoch, Apostles of Revolution captures the turbulent spirit of the times and the personal dangers experienced by Jefferson, Paine, and Monroe. It reminds us that the liberty we take for granted is ours only because we, both champions and common citizens, have fought for it.

Dr. Ferling, UWG Professor emeritus of history, is the author of over a dozen books on American Revolutionary Presidents and history.

(Taken from Publisher's Press Release)

U.S. Patent - Dr. Ben DeMayo

Department of Physics

Dr. Ben DeMayo was issued a U.S. patent on his method and device for extraction of liquids from a solid particle material. Funds from the Georgia Space Grant Consortium made this possible. (Taken from Points of Pride June/July 2017) His patent was issued June 27, 2017. Visit the patent website for more information.

John Le Carré's Post - Cold War Fiction - Dr. Robert L. Snyder

Department of English

Professor Emeritus of English Dr. Robert L. Snyder recently released a book entitled John Le Carré's Post - Cold War Fiction. This book challenges distinctions between "popular" and "serious" literature by recognizing le Carré as one of the most significant ethicists in contemporary fiction, contributing to an overdue reassessment of his literary stature. Le Carré's ten post - Cold War novels constitute a distinctive subset of his espionage fiction in their response to the momentous changes in geopolitics that began in the 1990s.

Through a close reading of these novels, Snyder traces how--amid the "War on Terror" and transnationalism--le Carré weighs what is at stake in this conflict of deeply invested ideologies. ISBN: 978-0-8262-2099-8

The Summer Geese - Dr. Nancy Mims, Professor Emerita

Department of Leadership and Applied Instruction

Retired Professor Emerita Nancy Mims of the Department of Leadership and Applied Instruction has been working in India and has recently returned to Villa Rica, where she enjoys writing children's books. Her third book in the Little Geese Series, The Summer Geese, is available on Amazon and in Barnes & Noble Booksellers.

Recently, Dr. Mims has went back to working full-time online for Jones International University based in Centennial, CO, and was named the 2014 Highly Qualified/High Performing Faculty Member of the Year.

Publications - Dr. Cecilia Lee

Department of Foreign Languages

Retired Associate Professor from the Department of Foreign Languages Dr. Cecilia Lee has published two books, several articles in international literary journals and has lectured at conferences in Paris and several cities in Columbia, South America. Her books include: The Dream of Reason and the Nightmare of History in the Trilogies of Carlos Rojas, Edwin Mellen Press, Lewiston, New York, 2008 and La alegría de una vocación. Monsenõr Luis Augusto Castro: Su obra y su ministerio. Editorial Kimpres, Bogotá, Columbia, 2011. Dr. Lee has also translated a book from Spanish into English with her husband, Carey, that is not yet published: Ecología del Bosque, Ecología del alma (Ecology of the Forest, Ecology of the Soul) originally authored by Archbishop Luis Augusto Castro.