Council Officers

(also members of the Coordinating Council)

anne richards
President: Anne Richards (term 2022-2024) Psychology
frank pritchett no photo
Vice President: Frank Pritchett (term 2022-2024) Alumni Engagement
meg cooper
Past President: Meg Cooper (term 2022-2024) Special Education
Francie Taylor
Secretary: Francie Taylor (term 2022-2024) Academic Testing Services
Sally Roberts
Treasurer: Sally Roberts (term 2022-2024) Publications and Printing


At-Large Members of the Coordinating Council

(minimum of six)

michael crafton
Micheal Crafton (term 2021-2023) English and UWG Administration 
Tricia Durrough
Tricia Durrough (term 2022-2024) Center for Business Excellence
Kevin Hibbard
Kevin Hibbard (term 2022-2024) Music
cecilia lee no photo
Cecilia Lee (term 2022-2024) Foreign Languages
Anita Thomas pic
Anita Thomas (term 2020-2022) Richards College of Business
John von Eschenbach pic
John von Eschenbach (term 2022-2024) Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Alice Wesley
Alice Wesley (term 2022-2024) Graduate School
Rolanda Farmer
Rolanda Farmer (term 2023-2025) The Center for Teaching and Learning