Parking and Transportation Fee

Undergraduate and Graduate Students On-Campus: $111 per semester.

Faculty and Staff

A mandatory transportation fee based on annual salary is applied annually through payroll deducation.

Annual Gross IncomeAnnual Fee
$35,000-49,999 $35
$50,000-74,999 $50
$75,000-99,999 $75
$150,000-174,999 $150
$175,000-199,999 $175
$200,000 and above$200

Table of Fines and Enforcement Actions:


Parking ViolationFineEnforcement Action
Unauthorized parking in a handicap space or falsely using an official State-issued handicap hangtag.$100Subject to impoundment.
Obtaining a hangtag for an unauthorized person.$100 
Counterfeiting or altering a hangtag with intent to defraud.$100 
Displaying reported lost or stolen hangtag$100 
Fire Lane$50Subject to impoundment.
Reserved Space$50Subject to impoundment.
Blocking a dumpster$50Subject to impoundment.
Loading dock$50Subject to impoundment.
Service Space$50Subject to impoundment.
Blocking a roadway$50Subject to impoundment.
Print Services Reserved$50 
Yellow Curb$35 
Over the time limit in loading/unloading zone$35Subject to impoundment.
Over the time limit in 30 minute parking$35 
Restricted student zones$35 
Parking outside of lines (double parking)$35 
Parking on sidewalk, lawn area, driveway, or athletic field$35Subject to impoundment.
Failure to display active hangtag$20 
Improperly displayed hangtag$20 
Momentum Center Restricted$20 
Unauthorized use or misuse of Special Parking Permit for Short Term and Services Spaces$10