Supporting student through college can come with some questions. Here you can find informaiton related to commonly asked questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What If I Worry About My Student Being Homesick?

    The first few days/weeks of school are activity-packed with meeting new people and adjusting to new situations. So, unless they're reminded of it they'll probably be able to escape the loneliness of being homesickness.

    And, even if they don't tell you during those first few weeks, they do miss you.

  • How Often Should I Call/Visit My Student?

    Your student’s college experience is an exciting time for your entire family, and your role in your student’s life will be crucial in the coming years. It is important to talk with your student about how often the two of you plan to stay in contact as they go away to college. There is no set rule about frequency. You know your student best, continue supporting them the best way you know how. 

    Consider joining our Parent and Family Association 
    By joining the Parent and Family Association, you will get monthly newsletters, bookstore discounts, association specific swag, and special rates for hotels and UWG events. 
    Check out our Parent and Family Association page for more information 

    Not interested in joining our Association just yet? You can still attend our Fall and Spring Friends and Family Days. Here is the link to our Friends and Family Day information. 

  • How Do I Get My Student To Share Their College Experience With Me?

    Try to avoid yes/no questions to keep the conversation from ending quickly. Asking open-ended questions provides space for your student to expand on a topic and share more than they normally would with you.  

  • How Do I Encourage My Student To Get Involved?
    Encourage your student to get out of their room for meals in the dining halls, to study with classmates around campus, and participate in the multitude of activities happening across campus. The Center for Student Involvement offers over 160 student organizations and clubs. Students can find their place in the Pack by logging onto Wolf Connect. 
  • How Will My Student Be Safe On Campus?

    University Police
    The university has 34 full-time officers who provide law enforcement services, security, parking, transportation services, and emergency response year round. 

    Counseling Services
    The Counseling Center provides free, confidential counseling and support services to all enrolled UWG students. They provide group, online, personal, and substance abuse counseling options to best fit your student's needs. 

    UWG Cares
    If your student is in a distressing situation, you can fill out a UWG Care report monitored by individuals in our Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Office. 

    When a report is made, a member of the Campus Awareness Response & Evaluation Team (CARE) will respond to your request within 24 hours (during the work week). If this is an emergency, weekend, or holiday, please contact University Police at (678) 839-6000

    LiveSafe App
    This app allows you to communicate directly with University Police and allows safety officals to better protext you. Find the "LiveSafe" app in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store and download to your iPhone or Android. 

    Parking and Transportation provides on- and off-campus shuttle services. Students can download the "GoWest" App to get a real-time location of buses. Shuttles frequently make stops at the stadium to pick up and drop off students at their cars. 

    Emergency Phones
    The University has installed 24 emergency phones around campus which connects directly to the Public Safety 24 hour emergency line. These phones are found on the big poles that read EMERGENCY, and pushing the big red button will connect you to the University Police dispatcher. 
    In case of emergency, students on campus should call 911. 

     Health Services
    The Health Services Center offers a wide variety of health related services. For more information on services offered, price list, eligibility, and insurance please visit the Health Services website at
    Health Services Website


 Orientation Related Questions

  • Should Parent(s) or Family Members come to orientation?
    While it is required for incoming students to attend Orientation, family members and guests are highly encouraged to join us for the program.
  • When is Orientation?

    2020 Summer & Fall Orientation
    Summer Orientation - Dates
    Summer 1 | May 19, 2020

    First-Year Students Entering Fall 2020 - Orientation
    First-Year 1 | June 1, 2020 - June 2, 2020
    *First-Year 2 | June 4, 2020 - June 5, 2020
    First-Year 3 | June 8, 2020 - June 9, 2020 
    *First-Year 4 | June 15, 2020 - June 16, 2020 
    First-Year 5 | June 22, 2020 - June 23, 2020
    * = Designed for Prior Dual Enrollment Student Specific Sessions

    Transfer/Non-Traditional Students Entering Fall 2020 - Orientation
    Transfer 2 | June 12, 2020
    Transfer 3 | June 26, 2020                                              

    Dual-Enrollment High School Students Entering Summer 2020 - Orientation
    Dual-Enrolled Summer | May 20, 2020

    Dual-Enrolled High School Students Entering Fall 2020 - Orientation
    Dual-Enrolled 1 | June 19, 2020

    All orientation fees are nonrefundable and non-transferable. You will not be registered in the system until your payment has been submitted. If you have questions or concerns while registering, please contact us at or 678-839-4739.

    Please note that we are no longer able to accept cash payments on the day of orientation. Please bring a credit/debit card or check.

    Orientation Registration

  • How Much Is Orientation? 
    Table Caption
    Student Type Orientation Fee Guest Orientation Fee
    Fall First-Year $125.00 $50.00
    Fall Transfer/Adult Learner $50.00 $20.00
    Summer Students $50.00 $20.00
    Spring Students $50.00 $20.00

    Table Caption

    • Student Type: Fall First-Year
      Orientation Fee: $125.00
      Guest Orientation Fee: $50.00

    • Student Type: Fall Transfer/Adult Learner
      Orientation Fee: $50.00
      Guest Orientation Fee: $20.00

    • Student Type: Summer Students
      Orientation Fee: $50.00
      Guest Orientation Fee: $20.00

    • Student Type: Spring Students
      Orientation Fee: $50.00
      Guest Orientation Fee: $20.00

    All orientation fees are nonrefundable and non-transferable. You will not be registered in the system until your payment has been submitted. If you have questions or concerns while registering, please contact us at or 678-839-4739.

Campus Resource Guide

Office Email Phone Number
Admissions 678-839-5600
Advising Center 678-839-5342
Auxiliary Services 678-839-6525
Bursar (Pay Your Bill) 678-839-4737
Career Services 678-839-6431
Counseling Center 678-839-6428
Financial Aid 678-839-6421
Health Services 678-839-6452
New Student Programs 678-839-4739
Parking and Transportation Services 678-8396629
Registrar (Transcripts) 678-839-6428

Campus Resource Guide