What are Living-Learning Communities?

Looking for something a little extra in your living experience? Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are a great example of UWG's commitment to scholarly achievement, creative expression, and service to humanity. LLCs are specialized living environments for small groups of first-time, first-year students centered on specific themes and integrating common academic courses, custom programming, and mentoring. Research indicates that students who participate in LLCs earn higher grades and are more satisfied with the overall college experience than other students. Applying to an LLC is optional and not required to secure housing.

 2021 - 2022 LLCs

  • Honors College

    Join a community of scholars for intellectual pursuits both in and out of the classroom! The Honors LLC, located on the top floor of the Oaks residence hall, is dedicated to first-year students who are also members of the Honors College. Students will participate in programs that focus on increasing academic achievement, building community, and developing a sense of service. Honors faculty, staff, and special guests host discussions, service projects, and social events. Honors LLC students will be enrolled in common sections of an Honors interdisciplinary studies course that meets core curriculum requirements. For more information on the Honors College, please click here.

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  • Music

    The music community continues to operate as space for Music students to live. We provide a bus for transport for the marching band students to get them to the stadium, during the football season. One thing that is important about their location is the music practice room and the music computer lab on their floor in Bowdon. Music LLC students will enroll in standard sections of ENGL 1102 and POLS 1101.

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  • Ways of the Wolf

    The Ways of the Wolf community offers new students a chance to show their school spirit and engage in programming designed to connect individuals to campus and Carrollton. Participants will live together in Center Pointe Suites, take courses together with their neighbors, and engage in activities designed just for them. Members engaged within this community will get special access to exclusive programs, engage closely with university athletics, get mentorship to develop as leaders, and learn what it means to be a West Georgia Wolf! Wolves of all majors are welcome in this community.

    This community is a great opportunity for developing leaders looking to engage in West Georgia’s culture to learn about all of our great traditions!
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  • Gaming and Esports

    The uwGaming and Esports community offers new students a chance to live together in Bowdon Hall, take courses together that focus on gaming with their neighbors, and have access to their own gaming area. Programming in this community will focus on playing games, careers in gaming, and engaging with faculty who are passionate about how games work”. Students engaged in this community will have plenty of opportunities to play their favorite games, share their passion for gaming, and build connections around a shared hobby! Gamers of all majors are welcome in this community.

    This community is great for students that enjoy gaming or would like to learn more about it!

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