Common FAQs 

1. Residence Halls

  • What to Bring?
  • What Halls are available for First Year students?

    Bowdon Hall, The Oaks, Center Pointe Suites, & University Suites are available to First Year students.

  • What Halls are available for Returning students?

    All our residence halls are open for returning students, including Arbor View Apartments, Greek Village, Bowdon Hall, The Oaks, Center Pointe Suites, & University Suites.

  • What type of rules and regulations are there?

    In order to ensure that an atmosphere conducive to effective living and learning exists, there are policies and procedures, which govern living in the residence halls. It is the student's responsibility to become familiar with all the policies and procedures that are in the handbook. 

    Please see our Hall Regulations pageResLife Handbook page, and Housing & Residence Life Conduct page.

  • Is smoking allowed in the residence hall?

    Smoking is not permitted in the residence hall or on-campus as the use of any tobacco product is prohibited at the University of West Georgia. “Tobacco Products” are defined as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, all forms of smokeless tobacco, clove cigarettes and any other smoking devices that use tobacco, such as hookahs, or simulate the use of tobacco, such as electronic cigarettes.

  • What if I need special accommodations?

    Housing and Residence Life offers accessible rooms in each of our living communities. Students who require special accommodations should complete the housing contract as well as contact Accessibility Services at 678-839-6428 to obtain special accommodations. You can also visit the Accessibility Services’ website.

  • How do I view my room assignment?
    • Log in to the Housing Portal using your UWG credentials
    • Select Housing Application from the blue menu bar under the LIVE WEST banner.
    • Select the term, then click “Continue”
    • Navigate to the “Application Summary” screen to review your assignment details and roommate information.
  • When will I receive my email to select my room?

    Rooms are available for choosing NOW! There is no wait, that's what's amazing about living on campus at UWG.

  • Can I have an overnight guest in my room?
    • An overnight guest is defined as any person(s) that are planning to stay after visitation hours (2 am) have elapsed in non-24 hour facilities.
    • Overnight guests are allowed only with the consent of other roommates/suitemates and are restricted to a maximum 3-night stay within a 7 day period.
    • In 24-hour visitation facilities, an overnight guest is defined as a visitor who stays for more than 12 hours.
    • The host of the potential overnight guest must register their guest through the “ Overnight Guest Form”. This form must be submitted no later than 12 hours prior to the requested night.
    • Children under the age of 15 are not permitted to stay overnight in the residence halls.
  • May I stay in my room during academic breaks?


2. Housing Contract

Contract Terms & Agreement 2020-2021

Contract Terms & Agreement 2021-2022

  • How can I choose my room and complete my contract?

  • In Arbor View and University Suites, do we decide which room in the apartment/suite we live in? Or do the doors have numbers or letters, and someone from Residence Life chooses it for us?
    • In Arbor View, each room is labeled with a letter (A, B, C, D). You can request which bedroom you want when you submit your contract.
    • In University Suites, the rooms are labeled as A or B. You can request which bedroom you want when you submit your contract.
  • Do we decide on which side of the room we get to live on?

    Yes. As you are filling out your housing contract, you will have the opportunity to choose the residence hall, wing, floor, room, and bed you would like to be in.

  • Do I have to pay my $150 fee to complete my housing application?
    • Yes, you will pay the $150.00 (first-year) or $50.00 (upperclassmen or transfer) non-refundable application fee to complete your housing application.  
    • You can pay this fee with all major debit/credit cards and electronic checks.
  • How can I cancel my housing contract?
    • To request a cancellation of your housing contract, please send an email to  
    • Please indicate the Academic Year and semester for which you want to cancel your housing contract and the reason for the cancellation.
    • Once all required cancellation information is received, your request will be reviewed by the Cancellations Committee and most requests will receive a response within 10 business days via your student email address.

    For a list of deadlines and fees, please see Cancellation Policies and Procedures.

  • How do I cancel my housing contract prior to the cancellation deadline?

    Contracts with Housing and Residence Life are legally binding for the academic year. Students with a signed housing contract who want to terminate their contract must email Housing and Residence Life at Notification of the decision will be sent to the contract holder's University email account. All decisions of the Housing Appeals Committee will be final. Parents are not able to cancel a contract on their student's behalf. The email must come from the student's university email account.

    For a list of deadlines and fees, please see Cancellation Policies and Procedures.

  • What is the appeal process after the cancellation deadline?

    Students who wish to request to terminate their housing contract must send an email to This information should include the student's name, student ID number, and their reasoning for the cancellation request. This is the student's opportunity to provide all documented reasons and rationale for their contract. Once this email is received, this information is sent on to the Housing Contract committee for review. Please note that requesting to cancel your contract does not guarantee a cancellation of your housing contract. Students may be held financially responsible for a portion of the contract and room fees. Please refer to the Housing and Residence Life Contract for more information.

  • I received a letter from the Housing Office stating I have to move out of my assignment because I am not enrolled. Why? What if my classes were reinstated?

    Students who are not enrolled in classes are not allowed to live on campus. You will be notified by the Department of Housing and Residence Life via email and asked to check out of your assignment within 24 hours of the notification. If your classes are reinstated, documentation from the Registrar’s Office will be required to remain a resident in the halls.

  • Why am I being charged with an improper room change fee?

    Students who fail to move within the specified time period designated on the room change instruction form, or move without notifying the Department of Housing and Residence Life are billed a $50 improper room change fee.

  • Are the telephone, cable, and Internet all included in the rent?

    Your housing charges will be included on your university bill. There are no deposits or surprise charges. Services such as high-speed wireless internet, CableTV, water and electricity, a fully furnished room, common facilities issues are also included, like changing light bulbs, and other extras are included in this total cost.

3. Housing Requirements

  • Do First Year students have to live on campus?

    All First-Time in College Students are required to live on campus until completion of two (2) semesters of residency (Fall/Spring or Spring/Fall) and participate in a freshman meal plan both semesters unless they are eligible for a Residency Requirement Waiver. For more information visit the Residency Requirements Page.

  • Are there any exceptions to the Residency Requirement?

    There are exceptions to the first-year residency requirement. For a full list of exemption eligibility and further information, please visit our Residency Requirements page.



4. Housing Waiver

  • When will I receive an email on the status of my Housing Waiver?

    Processing time for waivers can vary depending on the volume for that time of year. Please allow a minimum of four weeks for our staff to complete the process and email you.


5. Greek Life

  • How can I find out information on Sorority Rush?
  • Can I live in a sorority house as a first-year student?
    • With approval, a member of a Greek organization can live in the Greek house
    • The student must meet a GPA requirement, specific to each organization 
    • Student must have permission from the organization.
    • Student must be free and clear of any outstanding conduct issues.


6. Room Amenities 

  • What types of amenities are offered in the halls and rooms?

    Please select the Residence Halls drop-down menu above to visit each individual hall page where these amenities are listed in detail. 

  • What furniture is included in a standard room?

    All rooms include the following for each resident assigned to a room:
    (1) XL twin mattress and bed

    (1) Dresser

    (1) Nightstand

    (1) Desk

    (1) Chair 

    (1) Wardrobe or closet

  • What are the room dimensions including windows?

    You can find this information on each residence hall web page under the Features and Amenities tab. 

  • Is it just a shower, or is it a shower/bath?

    Please select the Residence Halls drop-down menu above to visit each individual hall page where these amenities are listed in detail.

  • Will there be Wifi in the room?
    • There is WiFi in the room. Residents need to follow the directions on the UWG IT Page to get their credentials for SecureWest. Once they have done this, they can connect.
    • All residents must abide by the policies of the college Section 7.1 and the Hall Regulations.
  • Will there be cable access in the room?

    There is cable access in the room. All TVs need a digital QAM tuner; most newer models have this installed; however, it is important to check. Information about residence hall cable can be found on the Cable TV Page.

  • Is there a local telephone line in each room?

    Yes, depending on the Residence Hall. In The Oaks, Bowdon Hall, and Center Pointe Suites, we offer a telephone line in each room.


7. Residence Hall and Room Access

  • How do I access my residence hall and room?

    You can gain access with an electronic key or a hard metal key, depending on the door.

  • What do I do if my student ID key card to my residence hall is not working, lost, damaged, or stolen?
    • Contact the Service Desk in your residence hall
    • Contact ResSTAR, located in the lobby of the bottom floor of East Commons, (678) 839-4718
  • If my roommate loses his / her key, will I have to pay a fee?

    No. You will need to turn your current key to the Department of Housing and Residence Life. You will be required to show your student ID to receive your new key. Please note for security purposes; each roommate must be present to turn in their old key and accept their new key.  


8. Resident Assistants 

  • What is an RA? When will I meet them?

    A Resident Assistant (RA) is assigned to your residence hall floor and is a great resource you can utilize. Your RA will assist you as you acclimate to residence hall living, including roommate issues, finding your way around campus, meeting new friends, and any personal matters. They will address your concerns and bring in further assistance if needed.

  • I cannot find my RA. Who do I contact if I have a problem?
    • An RA can be found throughout the day at your residence hall’s Service Desk.
    • RAs often have their contact information and office hours outside of their rooms or bulletin boards in their halls. 
    • If your floor RA is not on duty, please contact our 24-hour housing response service, ResStar, at 678-839-4718. ResStar will send an RA to aid in your situation.


9. Living Learning Communities

  • What Living-Learning Communities are available?

    Created to promote community for students with similar interests or goals, LLCs feature programming specifically tailored to their population
    Learn more about our Living-Learning Communities.

    Living-Learning Communities 2020-2021

    • The Oaks will house the Honors College LLC.
    • Bowdon Hall will house the Music LLC.

    Living-Learning Communities 2021-2022

    • The Oaks will house the Honors College LLC.
    • Bowdon Hall will house the Music LLC.
    • Center Pointe Suites will house the WOW (Ways of the Wolf) LLC.
    • University Suites will house the uwGaming & eSports LLC.


10. Parking

  • Is there parking close to the building?

    Beginning Spring 2021, all residents will be able to park in residential parking lots nearest their residence hall, without the need for a waiver. Residents must park in legal, resident-assigned spaces in the East, West, or Open Lots according to their parking hangtag specification. All cars should park on the main campus, as there is no weekend shuttle service to the stadium.

    For parking maps and information, check out the Parking and Transportation page.

  • Are there bus stops by the Residences Halls?

    For bus route maps and information, check out the Parking and Transportation page.

  • When and where do I pick up my parking hangtag?

    Go to the Parking and Transportation Online Portal and login to order your permit. Once you have completed the registration process, visit the Parking Office on the main floor of Row Hall to pick up your hangtag.


11. Housing Rates

  • How much does it cost to live on campus?

    You can visit our Housing Rates page to see all of the latest rates for all of our housing options.  Should you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 678-839-6426 or

  • Would the cost of the room be covered by my financial aid?

    It depends if you receive Hope, that will pay for your tuition only if you receive the Pell Grant that can help cover all other charges. However, if you take out your student loans that would cover your Housing costs. Otherwise, the remaining fees not covered by Hope and/or Pell would be out of pocket expenses. For additional assistance, you can reach the Financial Aid Department at 678-839-6421 or at


12. Complimentary Laundry

  • Where do I do laundry?

    In every Residence Hall, we provide at least one Laundry Room. You can download the app, which allows you to see which machines are available.

  • How do I use the laundry facilities?

    Laundry is a complimentary amenity for all on-campus residents. To find the laundry facility closest to you, download the LaundryView app! You'll be able to see which washing machines and dryers are available or taken and see exactly where on campus you can do your laundry.

  • Have more questions about Laundry Services?

    For more info visit the Laundry Services page.


13. Roommates

  • Can members of the opposite sex be roommates?

    No, however as many of the floors in most residence halls are co-educational, there is the option for members of the opposite sex to be neighbors.

  • Can I choose my roommate?

    Yes, the video will show you how to do so in the application.

  • How to contact my roommate? What to say?

    Contact your roommate through their UWG email to coordinate who is bringing what to your room and to get to know them. 

  • My roommate and I do not get along. What do I do?

    1. Contact your Resident Assistant (RA) on your hall. 

    2. Refer to your Roommate Agreement you completed at the beginning of the semester. 

    3. If your RA is not able to help you, are welcome to contact your Residence Life Coordinator.

  • When can I request a room/roommate change?

    We have room swap events that Housing and Residence Life hosts in the fall and spring. Be sure to check your email for when these events take place.

  • Is there a fee for changing my room?

    No, but if there is a change from a lower rent structure to a higher rent structure (or vice versa), the pro-rated cost of the room will increase (or decrease).


14. Campus 

  • What does safety look like on campus?

    At the University of West Georgia, we are protected by a 24/7/365 University Police Department, which is committed to supporting the mission of the University through innovative methods in crime detection and prevention so that the students, faculty, and staff of the university community can thrive and succeed. The campus is well-lit, and a security guard patrols the parking lots at night.  Inside the residence halls, residents are protected by multiple layers of card access technology, including a staffed front desk in every building.  Residence Life staff performs walkthroughs in each building numerous times each day to check for any issues. ResSTAR is Housing's community safety and security program and is available to students 24/7 to help resolve issues like noise complaints and roommate disputes.

    Students also have tools available to them to keep themselves safe. We encourage all students to keep their room door locked and to make sure it is secure when they leave their room. Additionally, if students choose to bring a bicycle to campus, they will also want to bring a sturdy U-Bolt type bike lock. Every student should download the LiveSafe app on their cell phone: it features a one-button call to University Police, a "watch me walk" feature, and a way to send a tip in anonymously. LiveSafe is also the tool that the University uses to send out important safety alerts and school closures.


15. Meal Plans

  • Do I have to purchase a meal plan?
    • All First Time in College students are required to live on campus and purchase a meal plan for the first two semesters unless they meet one of the qualifications for exemption from the Residency Requirement.
    • First-year meal plan options: All Access, Wolfs, and Basic. 
    • Visit Dine West Meal Plans for additional information.
  • What dining is available on Campus?
    • Dining Halls: East Commons, Z6

    • Retail Dining: With your favorites, Chick-fil-A and Starbucks, plus more 

    • Campus Markets: East Commons, Suites, Ed Center, Wolf Xpress

    • Check out Dine West Locations for all location options


16. Mail and Package Delivery

  • How will I receive mail while I am living on campus?

    All students who live on campus will be assigned a UWG Post Office box. The campus post office is located in the University Community Center in the heart of the campus. Mail should be addressed to:

    *Your Name*
    PO Box (5 digits)
    Carrollton GA 30118


    *Your Name*
    1601 Maple Street, APT (5 digit PO Box Number)
    Carrollton, GA 30118

    You can find your 5 digit number by using your UWG credentials to login into to myuwg. Click here.
    Step1: Click on the BanWeb tab
    Step 2: Click on Personal Info
    Step 3: View Addresses

  • Where do I pick up my mailbox key?

  • Have more questions about Mail Services?

    For more info visit the Mail Services page.

17. Strozier's Pet Community 

  • What is a pet-friendly community?

    A pet-friendly community allows for cats or dogs to reside with their owner. At UWG this community is located in Strozier.

  • Are vaccinations required for my pet?

    Yes. Please see the list of  required vaccinations.

  • What types of pets will be allowed to reside in pet-friendly communities; and how many pets can a student have?

    A student residing in a pet-friendly community is permitted to have one pet only. The types of pets that will be permitted are: dogs, domestic cats as well as the typical fish in a 10-gallon tank or less.

  • Do I have to have a pet to live in a pet-friendly community?

    No, a student does not have to have a pet in order to live in a pet-friendly community. We welcome residents who want to reside in a community with just as many pets as students.

  • How can students apply to live in a pet-friendly community?

    Students apply to live in the pet-friendly community by completing the application form below.

    UWG 2021-2022 Pet-Friendly Community Application Form

  • What if the pet-friendly community is full and I want to bring a pet onto campus?

    Space in pet-friendly communities is limited and placement is not guaranteed. Once the pet-friendly communities are full, interested students can still complete the application form and will be placed on a waitlist.

  • What am I required to do once I have been accepted into the pet-friendly community?

    Before your pet can move into the pet-friendly community, you must pay the applicable fee:

    • $200 Non-refundable Annual Fee
  • What if I get a pet during the academic year and want to live in a pet-friendly community?

    Students are welcome to apply to live in a pet-friendly community after the academic year has begun; however, space is limited and might not be available.

  • Do I have to reapply to live in the pet-friendly community each year?

    Yes. Students who live in a pet-friendly community must re-apply to live there each academic year. Strozier Hall is a 12-month facility and students can reside here in their same assignment through their entire term at UWG.

  • Where is my pet allowed to be?

    Approved pets are restricted to the pet owner’s residence hall room and are not permitted in common areas of the building, other student rooms, or any other building or area on campus. They are also not permitted to ride on university transportation.
    Additionally, pets are not allowed to roam outside of the pet owner’s room, within the residence hall, or on the grounds. When a pet needs to go outside, it must be on a leash, harness, or another tether and the owner is responsible for picking up the animal’s waste and appropriately disposing of it immediately in the area designated by Housing and Residence Life.

  • What if I have a pet but it does not live on campus with me—can it visit?

    Only pets approved by Housing and Residence Life to live in our designated pet-friendly community are permitted. No other pet or animal is allowed in university housing.

  • What if I live near a pet-friendly community and have concerns about disruptions a pet is causing?

    Any student who has a concern regarding a pet residing on campus should report that concern to a ResSTAR at 678-839-4718.

    Complaints about pets will be investigated by HRL, UPD, and our Office of Community Standards, if necessary.

  • What happens if I am found in violation of the Residence Life Pet-Friendly Community Agreement?

    Any complaints about pets or suspected violations of the Residential Life Pet-Friendly Community Agreement will be investigated by HRL, UPD, and our Office of Community Standards if necessary, with possible sanctions imposed if violations are found.