• Can I choose my roommate?

    Yes. We make every effort to assign students with their requested roommates, however, assignments are made on space available basis and in the order in which a completed contract is received. Please be sure to fill out the application in its entirety.

  • What is it about Center Pointe that makes it different from the other residence halls on campus?

    Center Pointe’s best feature is definitely the variety of community spaces it offers. To begin, there is a large furnished lobby that has a 45” display TV, and this same lobby contains a TV room that has three TV’s and furniture. There is also a stone patio that includes furniture and a large courtyard. In addition to this, there are also large meeting rooms located on every floor on each side of the building (8 total), small TV rooms (on the second, third, and fourth floors of the 1000 side), and each floor also includes a study room at the end of each hallway that includes 2-3 chairs and a fantastic view. The rooms are very spacious.

  • When you state there are "Individual ... (local telephone, cable TV, high speed Ethernet connections)," do you mean that there will be access to Internet, and cable and a telephone line in each room?

     Yes. Each student will have one telephone line, ethernet port, and cable hook-up. 

  • Is there any furniture included in a standard room?

    Yes. Center Pointe Suites features a fully furnished bedroom which includes a wardrobe, desk and desk chair, desk extension, drawers and XL twin bed. 

  • Does Center Pointe include a kitchen?

    Yes. There is a kitchen located on the 1000 side on the first floor that includes a microwave, stove and oven, and a sink. 


  • Can members of the opposite sex be roommates?

    No, however members of the opposite sex will be placed on the same floor. 

  • Is it just a shower, or is it a shower/bath?

    All Center Pointe Suites feature a semi-private bathroom which includes a shower, toilet and sink. 

  • What Living Learning Communities are housed in Center Pointe?

    Sport Management and Health and Community Wellness. For more information on the Living Learning Communities (LLC), click here.

  • How do I pay and use the laundry?

    All major credit/debit cards can be used to pay for laundry use. Apple pay can also be used.

  • Is there a washer/dryer in the Suite?

    No, but the washer and dryers are located in a centralized location. 

  • Is there parking close to the buildings?

    Yes, there is a large lot near the baseball field, and there are a few parking spots directly across from the P.O.D store. However, all 1st year students are required to park at the stadium. 

  • Is there a bus stop near Center Pointe?

    The two closest bus stops are in front of Row Hall and Z-6. This is because Center Pointe is in the center of campus making the walk from Center Point to anywhere else on campus quite easy. 

  • Is the rent a monthly fee, or is it two set payments like the other halls?

    Yes, there are two payments, one for each semester during the year. The contract is a ten month contract. 

  • Would the cost of the apartment be covered in the housing part of our financial aid?

     Yes, as long as your award is sufficient to cover the entire cost.