• Meal plan memberships may only be removed before the drop/add period ends.
  • Active meal plan membership changes or cancellations are charged a prorated amount.
  • Meal plan memberships purchased before or during the drop/add period must be paid by the final drop date.
  • The Office of Student Accounts and Billing Services (OSABS) now offers a PAYMENT PLAN through our university partner, Nelnet, as an option to assist you. For more information, please visit the My College Payment Plan site.
  • Failure to pay may result in a HOLD on the student's account, preventing them from registering for classes, receiving/sending official transcripts, or graduating.
  • To add a meal plan or Dining Dollars after the drop/add date:
  1. Call (678) 839-6525 or visit the Campus Services Office - UCC 3rd floor, or send an email to thecard@westga.edu
  2. After the drop/add period, new meal plan memberships and upgrades must be paid in full to activate.
  3. Failure to pay the balance in full will result in the student's class schedules being dropped.
  • Requests to be exempt from a mandatory meal plan must be submitted through the Meal Plan Appeals Request Form
  • Meal plan membership pricing is subject to final approval by the Board of Regents and is subject to change.
  • Meal plan memberships cannot be used by anyone other than the purchaser of the plan; violators will be subject to campus judicial review.
  • Meal plan memberships are loaded onto the student’s ID card.
  • Lost or stolen ID cards can be replaced at the Campus Services Office - UCC 3rd floor, subject to a $20 replacement charge.
  • Meal plan memberships must be used within the semester purchased and expire on the last enrollment date of that semester.
  • Unused Meal Plan memberships are non-refundable.
  • Payments can be made online or in person with a credit/debit card, cash, personal check, money order/cashier's check at the Aycock Hall, 1st floor payment window.