This infographic details the Becoming UWG strategic planning process. More than 1,300 members of the UWG community – students, faculty, staff, alumni, community leaders, boards, and other external stakeholders – took an active role in the university's strategic planning for the future.

The process lasted approximately 180 days from start to finish, with an Aug. 5 announcement by President Kelly; the first external stakeholder session on Aug. 8; a virtual event on Aug. 11; the first internal stakeholder session on Sept. 14; the final internal stakeholder session on Oct. 30; feedback given to the Executive Administrative Council on Nov 4; prioritization meetings on Nov. 9 and 12; review of the draft strategic plan on Dec. 16; and the release coming in February 2021.

All told, more than 1,300 stakeholders participated in taking a widely distributed survey and Discovery Sessions that lasted a total of 290 hours.