Meet Aleeia Smith!


Hometown: Atlanta

Major: Mass Communication - Public Relations

Minor: English - Creative Writing

Other Campus Involvement: Blue Coats, Residential Assistant in Tyus dormitory, Vice Chief Justice of SGA and Founder of UWG's Mock Trial. 

Why did you decide to join SCB?

I decided to join Student Conduct Board because my career goal is to become a criminal defense lawyer and SCB is preparing me for that. Most importantly, I wanted to be a part of this student organization because it ensures that the students on this campus will get an equal opportunity to be heard. Student Conduct Board allows students at the University of West Georgia to know that people are going to make mistakes and we are here to help them prosper and learn from their mistakes, not punish them. 

What have you learned from your membership on the SCB?

While serving as Chair of the Student Conduct Board I have learned how diverse the University of West Georgia really is. During hearings, I see people from all different walks of life with different stories. Moreover, I learned about the different types of sanctions that could benefit students the best. And lastly, I learned how different the Student Conduct Board is in comparison to the legal system. 

What is your favorite part about membership on the SCB?

My favorite part about being a member of the Student Conduct Board is that its more than a student organization, we are a family. With every organization, I am apart of I try to bridge that gap between the members and myself. I also strive to learn more about the people I am surrounded with. The members of the Student Conduct Board do a great job at respecting each other and to lead by example inside and outside of the organization. Additionally, I love serving on this board because I get the chance to spread the word about the Student Conduct Board. Many students perceive us as the enemy because people only come to us when they are in violation of a code, however we are here to serve and motivate them.