One of the major functions of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment is to respond in a timely manner to various requests for data from the University community, as well as from other outside stakeholders. IEA uses student records to compile summary statistics for State and Federal reporting. In addition, unit-level data may be provided for State and Federal reporting and for official use by university administrators and other offices.

However, all requests for individual-level data which are not considered “directory information” (i.e., data that “would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed”) have to be made in writing to justify that the requestor has a legitimate educational interest in obtaining the data. The request will be evaluated to ensure that students’ data are handled in accordance with privacy protections contained in the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and its update, effective January 8, 2009. Information regarding the FERPA can be found here:

Summary data are provided on this website, but if you cannot find the type of data you need, please submit an online data request.

Please allow up to five (5) business days to process your data request; complex requests may take longer.


It is important to note that the information on this web site may differ from data reported by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment to other federal, state, and regional agencies due to differences in reporting guidelines, reporting definitions, and the timing of when the information was prepared.

Census Dates

  • USG Mid-Term

    USG Mid-Term

    Semester ADC Census I Date ADC I Due Date
    Summer July 8 July 15
    Fall October 7 October 14
    Spring February 22 March 3
    • Semester: Summer

      ADC Census I Date: July 8

      ADC I Due Date: July 15

    • Semester: Fall

      ADC Census I Date: October 7

      ADC I Due Date: October 14

    • Semester: Spring

      ADC Census I Date: February 22

      ADC I Due Date: March 3


  • USG End-Of-Term

    USG End-Of-Term

    Semester ADC II Census Date ADC II Due Date
    Summer August 6 August 13
    Fall December 20 January 7
    Spring May 12 May 21
    • Semester: Summer

      ADC II Census Date: August 6

      ADC II Due Date: August 13

    • Semester: Fall

      ADC II Census Date: December 20

      ADC II Due Date: January 7

    • Semester: Spring

      ADC II Census Date: May 12

      ADC II Due Date: May 21

  • USG Academic Data Collection Standard Census Dates


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