The President has the authority to appoint special committees as set forth in UWG Policies and Procedures, Art. II, Sec. 1(C)(4):

“In the implementation of these duties, the President or his or her designee shall” … (a) Appoint such special committees as are necessary to advise and assist him or her in planning and administration.”

Based on this authority, as of October 24, 2019 I hereby designate the creation of a standing committee to be called the “General Education Assessment Committee” (GEAC). This Committee will replace the ad hoc General Education Assessment Committee, which was established in January 2018 to assess extant general education data and review current assessment practices. The newly-constituted GEAC will not impede any other committee charged with vetting, recommending, or making curricular changes to general education.

Purpose and Functions

GEAC, charged by the President and functioning to fulfill Section 2.9 of the Board of Regents Policy Manual on Institutional Effectiveness, facilitates the assessment of general education in the Core Curriculum via the organized gathering of data; reports assessment data related to courses in the Core Curriculum via committee-generated documents; and participates in devising general recommendations based on said data for departments or units in which general education courses reside.

To that end, the committee’s functions shall include but are not limited to: writing policies and procedures related to assessment of the Core and General Education, coordinating systematic assessment practices across all areas of UWG’s Core Curriculum, working with Core stakeholders to ensure alignment of identified tools and measures, vetting and approving assessment processes, and composing assessment-related documents and larger annual reports.

Further, the Committee will have authority to request the attendance of UWG employees that possess knowledge related to the CAP and/or assessment practices in question during Committee meetings to assist the Committee with the implementation and review of assessment practices and data.


GEAC will include members either appointed by the Vice President for the division, Dean for the College/School, department Chair, or position title. These members will have full voting privileges. In the event that the stated chair position is not filled, the committee will be responsible for electing an Interim Chair until said position can be filled.

  • General Education Assessment Director, Chair
  • Minimum one faculty representative from each Core Area Program, Work Group Coordinator(s)
  • Minimum of one representative from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment
  • Representative from eCore
  • Representative from the Office of the Provost

Term Limits

  • Minimum three-year membership with one-year on-boarding during which voting privileges are withheld
  • Two years of active membership, with final year being a one-year transitional period
  • Chair-elects must have served as part of a CAP Work Group member for at least one year and will serve as vice-chair during a one-year transition process

Additional Membership

The following representatives will be ex officio members of the General Education Assessment Committee members, serving as liaisons:

  • Representative from Faculty Senate


GEAC will meet at least twice each fall and spring term, or more often as deemed necessary by the Chair. If a member is unable to attend the scheduled meeting, they may appoint a delegate to attend and report information. If a member is unable to attend a meeting for a scheduled vote, said member may submit the vote in writing to the Chair prior to the meeting, or they may defer to a delegate to vote by proxy in their stead. Notice of any meeting will be sent to each committee member by the Chair or designee.

See original charter here.