Academic Resources

The Advising Center provides students with information on how to register for classes, giving students recommendations for courses to take to stay on track with graduation, and teaching students how self-advise by using the tools provided at UWG.

Advising Center Website

The Center for Academic Success offers tutoring for nearly all core classes! CAS also offers academic coaching, peer tutoring, supplemental instruction, and success workshops!

Tutoring sessions are by appointment, and drop-in tutoring is offered on the bottom floor of Gunn Hall. CAS services are free to all UWG students!

CAS Website

The Math Tutoring Center offers tutoring in all MATH classes! It is staffed by teachers and students who have a strong understanding of math courses offered at UWG.

No appointment is necessary for tutoring sessions. Math Tutoring Center services are free to all UWG students!

Math Tutoring Center Website

The University Writing Center is as a great resource to get help writing an essay or an important writing assignment.

UWC services are free to all UWG students!

UWC Website


Student Services

Career Services offers help with creating and revising resumes. Career Services assist students with major and career exploration. Career Services also offers students guidance on how to search for jobs and internships.

Career Services does numerous workshops throughout Fall and Spring semesters that teach students essential skills such as interviewing skills. Its services are free to all UWG students!

Career Services Website

The Counseling Center offers free and confidential counseling and support services to all current UWG students.

Counseling Center Website

UWG Health Services offers high quality and efficient health care to all current enrolled UWG students.

Students are eligible to receive medical services through paying the health fee that is included in tuition. All visits are done by appointment.

  • Location: Behind the Honors College in the Tyus Parking Lot
  • Phone: (678) 839-6452

Health Services Website

The Office of University Ombuds provides an accessible, informal channel of communication to facilitate non-adversarial means of dispute resolution and to promote conflict management and cooperation throughout the University community.

The office will work to resolve concerns, complaints and questions about University policies, procedures and practices in a neutral, impartial and confidential manner.

Ombuds Website

UWG Cares is a tool that can be used by students, faculty, and parents to help maintain care and safety on UWG's campus. Through UWG Cares, a person can submit a report to check on the well being of someone or report any difficult or disruptive situations that may have taken place on campus.

Reports can be submitted anonymously, and each report is reviewed by a member of the Campus Awareness Response & Evaluation Team (CARE) who will respond to your report with 24 hours unless it is the weekend. In case of an emergency, call the University Police at (678) 839-6000

UWG Cares


How-To Resources and Forms

The following steps show how to change your major:

Change to Nursing

Any student interested in changing TO Nursing should make an appointment with the School of Nursing Advising Center

Students interested in changing their major to Nursing should visit the Registrar site: Major Change Request

Change to Business

Any student interested in changing TO Business should make an appointment with the College of Business Advising Center

The RCOB Advising Center can be reached at (678) 839-6467

Change to Education

Any student interested in changing TO Education should make an appointment with the College of Education Advising Center

The COE Advising Center can be reached at (678) 839-6050

Change to All Other Programs

Any student interested in changing TO any major not listed above should make an appointment with the Advising Center in UCC.

The Advising Center can be reached at (678) 839-5342 or 

The Registrar Forms page provides links to key forms related to topics such as:

  • Grades
  • Graduation
  • Personal Information Changes
  • Registration

Registrar Forms