Speak West

The University of West Georgia subscribes to the philosophy of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), which states, in part:

"As part of their educational mission, colleges and universities provide a forum for a wide variety of speakers. There can be no more appropriate site for the discussion of controversial ideas and issues than a college or university campus. Candidates for public office may speak on campus, as may their supporters or opponents, so long as the institution does not administer its speakers program in a manner that constitutes intervention in a campaign.

Invitations made to outside speakers by students or faculty do not imply approval or endorsement by the institution of the views expressed by the speaker.

In keeping with the prohibition on political activities, UWG states, “No member of the academic community may speak on behalf of the college or university in a political campaign.

UWG affirms that sponsorship of a speaker or a forum does not constitute an endorsement of expressed views.