Our goal is to minimize the adverse effects of loss due to accidents or unexpected events that jeopardize the well-being of the university community in a timely and professional manner. This is accomplished by being a resource to the University in general risk management, claims management, and risk transference through obtaining adequate coverage and advising and reviewing compliance with institutional, local, state, and federal policies. 

Supervisors or employees should report any injury that occurred in the course and scope of employment by completing the First Report of Injury form. 

An employee, student, or third party should make a claim for damage to their property or persons by completing the UWG Claim form.

To coordinate a Volunteer activity, complete the Volunteer Agreement form. 
(see policy and associated procedure, UWG PL 7007, Volunteering)

UWG has developed policies and procedures that are applicable to all programs and activities (conducted by both University and non-University sponsored groups) involving the participation of Minors through various scenarios. This includes camps, after-school programs, workshops, direct instruction, conferences, and similar activities where minors are under the temporary supervision of assigned adults. 

For additional information, see Board of Regents (BOR) Policy 6.9, Programs Serving Minors and UWG PL 7004, Protection of Minors on Campus and Associated Procedures. 

Mandated Reporter Training


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