Executive Administrative Council Members

Pictured: Dr. Brendan Kelly

Dr. Brendan Kelly

University of West Georgia President

Pictured: Dr. Meredith Brunen

Dr. Meredith Brunen

Vice President for University Advancement and CEO of UWG Foundations

Pictured: Kristi Carman

Kristi Carman

University General Counsel

Pictured: Sarah Powell

Sarah Powell

Assistant Vice President and Chief of Staff

Pictured: Dr. André Fortune

Dr. André Fortune

Vice President for Student Affairs

Pictured: Scott McElroy

Scott McElroy

Vice President for Business and Financial Services

Pictured: Dr. Jon Preston

Dr. Jon Preston

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Pictured: Kimberly Scranage

Kimberly Scranage

Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management

Pictured: Jason Carmichael

Jason Carmichael

Director of Athletics

General CABINET Members

Pictured: Dr. Ralitsa Akins

Dr. Ralitsa Akins

Vice Provost

Pictured: Karen Allen

Karen Allen

Deputy Director of Athletics

Pictured: Brandy Barker

Brandy Barker

Executive Director of Creative Services

Pictured: Allyson Bretch

Allyson Bretch

Assistant Vice President for University Advancement

Pictured: Colton Campbell

Colton Campbell

Executive Director of Communications

Pictured: Rahmel Cowen

Rahmel Cowen

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

Pictured: Kirk Inman

Kirk Inman

Chief Information Officer

Pictured: Dr. Jennifer Jordan

Dr. Jennifer Jordan

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

Pictured: Jeremy McClelland

Jeremy McClelland

Associate Vice President for Facilities Development and Sustainability

Pictured: Joey Moncayo

Joey Moncayo

Director of Campus Dining

Pictured: Dr. Brian Mosier

Dr. Brian Mosier

Interim Executive Director of Research

Pictured: Dr. Lakiesa Rawlinson

Dr. Lakiesa Rawlinson

Associate Vice President of Student Life/Dean of Students

Pictured: Ron Richards

Ron Richards

Director of Internal Audit

Pictured: Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary Enterprises

Pictured: Lynn Sotillo

Lynn Sotillo

Assistant Vice President for Financial Planning & Analysis

Pictured: Corey Speights

Corey Speights

Director of Digital Experiences

Pictured: Dan Stephens

Dan Stephens

AVP/CFO of UWG Foundations

Pictured: Bridgette Stewart

Bridgette Stewart

Chief Wellness Officer and Senior Lecturer

Pictured: Terri Walthour

Terri Walthour

Assistant Vice President for Human Resources

Pictured: George Watson

George Watson

Police Chief

Pictured: Dr. Shanna Widener

Dr. Shanna Widener

Associate Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management

Pictured: Erin Williams

Erin Williams

Associate General Counsel

Pictured: Amanda Wright 

Amanda Wright 

Director, Public Service & Outreach