Below you'll find everything you need to know about preparing to travel with the University of West Georgia.

If you have any questions, please email or call Travel Services.

  • Obtain travel authorization form

    Normally a Travel Authorization Form is not required to be submitted with an employee or non-employee travel, except the following reasons for traveling.

    • Student Group Travel (include student addendum)
    • Candidate Travel
    • Direct Bill for Local Hotels
    • Study Abroad Travel
    • Prepaid airfare thru West Georgia Travel agency contract
    • Prepaid Lodging
    • Lodging within 50 miles of worksite and residence
    • Fiscal year end travel fund encumbrance process
    • If your department head requires a travel authorization to be submitted with any travel expense.

    For auditing purposes, employees must have approval to travel; however, a travel authorization form is not required. The approval could be a form of an email or letter to approver.

    Employee Travel Authorization Form

    Non Employee Travel Authorization

  • Determine mode of transportation

    ***The State requires employees who travel to determine the most Cost Effective Form of travel from the following alternatives:


    West Georgia Travel

    With proper documentation and department approval, the traveler can receive reimbursement for airfare prior to actual travel.

    Direct Bill for airfare is available through West Georgia Travel:

    • Traveler contacts West Georgia Travel (WGT) for a flight quote
    • Traveler emails an approved travel authorization to WGT
    • WGT will send an invoice and the travel authorization to the Controller’s Office to pay directly

    Reservation Information

    • Monday-Thursday: 8:30 am-5:00 pm
    • Friday: By phone or email

    Contact Information

    Office Information

    • Address: 547 Newnan Street, Carrollton, GA 30117
    • Phone: (770) 836-8200
    • Fax: (770) 832-8896

     If a traveler wants to pay for their own airfare and seek reimbursement before or after traveling, the below information is required.

    Minimum receipt requirement for airfare: 

        • Traveler’s Name
        • Name of airfare provider - (must be a US Flag / Code sharing airline)
        • Departure and Return date/time/location
        • Airfare rate
        • Airfare ticket number for PeopleSoft entry
        • Breakout of applicable taxes
        • Total Paid Receipt
        • Proof of purchase
        • Type of Seating (coach, economy, etc.)

    Note: Additional upgrade fees for reserved or priority seating are a non-reimbursable expense.

    Baggage Fees

    Receipts are required for baggage fees of $25 or more. If more than one baggage is being claimed, the traveler must submit a brief business related justification on why they checked in more than one bag.


    Ground Transportation
    UWG Fleet Vehicle

    UWG Facilities and Grounds

    • Phone: (678) 839-6576 or -96576
    Car Rental Information

    In-State Car Rental options: (allowed for Economy or Fullsize vehicles)

    • Enterprise: Account # 03WESTG 
      • Carrollton Office Phone: (770) 832-1330
      • Corporate Phone: 1 (800) Rent-A-Car
    • Hertz: Account # 2018752
      • Corporate Phone: 1 (800) 654-3131

    ***The university system currently has mandatory contracts for rentals originating within the State of Georgia with Enterprise and Hertz. Using any other rental company will result in no reimbursement.***

    Out-of-State Car Rental: (allowed for Economy or Fullsize vehicles)

    • Hertz: Account # 2018752
      • Corporate Phone: 1 (800) 654-3131

    ***The university system has a mandatory contract with Hertz for rentals originating outside the state. Using any other rental company than Hertz will result in no reimbursement.***

    Car rental receipts must be submitted regardless of amount. Itemized receipts must include:

    • Name and address of the vendor
    • Traveler’s Name
    • Dates and Time of Service
    • Daily Rental Rate and number of days rented
    • Detailed breakdown of fees and taxes
    • Total Paid Receipt
    • Proof of Purchase
    Personal Vehicle - Mileage Reimbursement

    Reimbursement rates are: (As of January 1, 2020)

    • Tier One Rate: 0.575
    • Tier Two Rate: 0.17

    Under 250 miles round-trip, the traveler may utilize their personal vehicle and claim Tier 1 mileage reimbursement without cost comparison.

    At 250-300 miles round-trip, the traveler may utilize a personal vehicle and claim Tier 1 mileage assuming a UWG Fleet vehicle is not available. The traveler’s department should maintain documentation of this determination for audit purposes.

    If another method of travel is the most cost advantageous form of travel, but a personal motor vehicle is used, the reimbursement rate will be Tier 2. If the traveler has a business need to drive his/her own personal vehicle, written pre-approval by the Department manager is required for the Tier 1 reimbursement rate.

    In addition, normal commuting miles must be deducted when calculating total mileage reimbursement. Mileage travelled by State travelers between their Residence and Primary Work Station is considered "commuting miles". Commuting costs are not reimbursable. Exception: If travel occurs on a weekend or holiday outside of the normal work schedule, mileage is calculated from the point of departure with no reduction for normal commuting miles.

    Based on section 4.6.1 of the USG Business Procedures Manual – Employees who choose to travel by motor vehicle, whether personal, state-owned, or commercial, when air transportation is more cost-effective, may only receive reimbursement for the cost of the lowest available airfare to the specified destination.

  • Register for the event, conference, training or retreat
    • Submit a Check Request prior to travel to prepay registration fees. Travel Services must receive a completed Check Request and all supporting documents within 5-10 business days for processing.
    • For out of pocket registration expenses, travelers may submit an expense report through PeopleSoft prior to travel for reimbursement.
  • Lodging
    ** Lodging in Personal Residences:  UWG can no longer pay directly nor reimburse for lodging that is NOT in a hotel or motel.  This includes payments to a management company for homes or condos for short term lodging or rental, such as, but not limited to: Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, etc.  Exceptions may be requested of the State Accounting Office to this mandate.  All requests for exception should be coordinated through the Office of Accounting prior to incurring any expense to The University or program.
    In-State Lodging

    Employees traveling on official state business, within the State of Georgia, are exempt from the county or municipal excise tax on lodging (hotel/motel or occupancy tax).

    The traveler’s destination must be located more than 50 miles from both their primary work site and residence. If lodging is required within a 50 miles radius, submit written pre-approval from the Department’s Vice President/Dean with the reimbursement request. List separately all ancillary charges on the expense report.

    Submit a copy of the Hotel/Motel Tax Exemption Form at check-in. If the hotel refuses to accept the form at check-in, the traveler should attempt to resolve the issue with hotel management before checking out. If the matter is unresolved by checkout, the traveler should pay the tax and submit a completed IN-STATE HOTEL/MOTEL TAX EXCEPTION FORM  when seeking reimbursement. Employees are required to pay any state/local sales and use taxes, including the State of Georgia’s $5.00 per room per night hotel tax to travelers.

    Local Lodging (Carrollton)

    (For non-employee travelers only - not for employee stay.)

    University of West Georgia Hotel Rates Effective 1/8/2018
    Hotel City Rate Comments Reservation Contact
    Hampton Inn Carrollton $ 99.00 Use Hampton Corporate 0560073619 when booking to ensure UWG credit and rates. A copy of the completed travel authorization is required to reserve a room.

    Sandy Lee (GM)

    Phone: 770-838-7722


    Quality Inn Carrollton $ 75.00 A copy of the completed travel authorization is required to reserve a room.

    Mr. Patel


    Fax: 770-839-0713

    Courtyard Marriott Carrollton $ 119.00 Use UWGA - For King Bed / UWGB - For Double Queen room when booking to ensure UWG rate. A copy of the completed travel authorization is required to reserve a room.

    Kristina Wood


    Jessica Beckom


    Phone: 678-664-5200

    Holiday Inn Express Carrollton

    $ 104.00 Standard

    $ 124.00 Suite

    A copy of the completed travel authorization is required to reserve a room.

    Bonnie Bearden

    Phone: 770-809-7100


    Best Western Plus Carrollton $ 93.00 A copy of the completed travel authorization is required to reserve a room.

    Mitt Tushar

    Phone: 770-838-0508


    University of West Georgia Hotel Rates Effective 1/8/2018

    • Hotel: Hampton Inn
      City: Carrollton
      Rate: $ 99.00
      Comments: Use Hampton Corporate 0560073619 when booking to ensure UWG credit and rates. A copy of the completed travel authorization is required to reserve a room.
      Reservation Contact:

      Sandy Lee (GM)

      Phone: 770-838-7722


    • Hotel: Quality Inn
      City: Carrollton
      Rate: $ 75.00
      Comments: A copy of the completed travel authorization is required to reserve a room.
      Reservation Contact:

      Mr. Patel


      Fax: 770-839-0713

    • Hotel: Courtyard Marriott
      City: Carrollton
      Rate: $ 119.00
      Comments: Use UWGA - For King Bed / UWGB - For Double Queen room when booking to ensure UWG rate. A copy of the completed travel authorization is required to reserve a room.
      Reservation Contact:

      Kristina Wood


      Jessica Beckom


      Phone: 678-664-5200

    • Hotel: Holiday Inn Express
      City: Carrollton

      $ 104.00 Standard

      $ 124.00 Suite

      Comments: A copy of the completed travel authorization is required to reserve a room.
      Reservation Contact:

      Bonnie Bearden

      Phone: 770-809-7100


    • Hotel: Best Western Plus
      City: Carrollton
      Rate: $ 93.00
      Comments: A copy of the completed travel authorization is required to reserve a room.
      Reservation Contact:

      Mitt Tushar

      Phone: 770-838-0508


    Pre-pay Option for Lodging

    Departments may request ‘pre-payment’ of lodging expenses for employee, student and non-employee travel. Lodging facility must provide a ‘pro-forma’ invoice or online confirmation with the following information:

    • Name and address of the lodging facility
    • Name of the traveler
    • Arrival and Departure Dates
    • Reservation confirmation number
    • Detail of room lodging rate with applicable taxes/fees identified
    • Total invoice ‘pre-payment’ amount due (Minimum amount allowed: $200.00)

    If a ‘pro-forma’ invoice is not available, the lodging facility can use letterhead memorandum, email, or online confirmation with the above information stated. Quotations from lodging websites third party travel services will not be acceptable for pre-payment.

    Departments must verify that the lodging facility has a valid Vendor ID assigned within the PeopleSoft system. If not, the department must obtain a completed Vendor Profile and W9 Form (2018 version) to establish the Vendor ID.

    Department will submit a Check Request Form marked as Special Handling with the following information:

    • Valid account chart-string
    • Copy of pro-forma invoice or confirmation
    • Approved Travel Authorization(s)

    Submit check requests a minimum of ten (10) business days prior to traveler’s departure date to ensure a Vendor ID is established and proper documentation received. Checks issued in the name of the lodging facility are available at the Cashier’s Office in Aycock Hall for the traveler or department representative to pick up. Photo ID and signature is required to receive check. Check must be hand delivered to lodging facility at time of travel; Postal Service mailing is not an option.

    For Georgia ‘In-State’ lodging requests paid with an institutional check, state taxes are exempt. Note: Traveler will be responsible to provide both a Georgia Sales & Use Tax Exemption Certificate and Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate upon check-in at the lodging facility. Both forms are available on the Travel Services website under Forms.

    For ‘Out-of-State’ lodging requests paid with an institutional check, the pro-forma invoice total, including all applicable taxes, are eligible for payment. With departmental approval, the pro-forma invoice may include other lodging related reimbursable items (i.e. parking, internet, etc.). Non-reimbursable items (i.e. room service, movies, etc.) are not permissible.

    If multiple employees are traveling to the same conference or event, the department may include all travelers on one (1) Check Request; however, the lodging facility pro-forma invoice(s) should identify individual names and separate approved Travel Authorizations submitted.

    In case of an overpayment balance created by a late cancellation or rate revision, the department is responsible for obtaining the refund or difference (preferably by check) to the University of West Georgia. Lodging facilities should not refund overage amounts or offer credit balances as credits for future lodging to individuals travelers.

    All lodging receipts must be submitted regardless of amount. Itemized receipts must include:

    • Traveler's Name
    • Name and City/State of lodging facility (include Country if International Travel)
    • Arrival date / Departure date
    • Daily room rate (must be able to determine)
    • Breakout of anciliary charges such as but not limited to: Parking, in-room meals, WIFI or internet, etc.
    • Applicable taxes: In-State Lodging -- Breakout of applicable tax by type; no occupancy, county, or municipal excise tax (See Hotel Exemption form). Out-of-State Lodging -- Breakout of total applicable tax.
    • Total Paid $ Receipt Amount for Lodging Expense
  • Determine meal per diem

    In-State: Georgia

    A recent change to the SAO and BOR policy allows travelers to claim 100% of the appropriate meal per diem for In-State travel with overnight stay. As of 7/1/18, USG will no longer provide reimbursement of meals for employee travel that does not incur overnight stay.

    • Lodging location determines the appropriate per diem rate.
    • Employees are not eligible for meal reimbursement when the hotel, conference, meeting or other source provides meals (includes continental breakfast and receptions).
    Counties Full Day Rate Breakfast Lunch Dinner
    High Cost Counties: Chatham, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, Glynn, Richmond $36.00 $7.00 $9.00 $20.00
    Low Cost Counties: Remaining Georgia Counties $28.00 $6.00 $7.00 $15.00
    • Counties: High Cost Counties: Chatham, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, Glynn, Richmond
      Full Day Rate: $36.00
      Breakfast: $7.00
      Lunch: $9.00
      Dinner: $20.00

    • Counties: Low Cost Counties: Remaining Georgia Counties
      Full Day Rate: $28.00
      Breakfast: $6.00
      Lunch: $7.00
      Dinner: $15.00

    Out of State

  • Single-Day Travel
    • No meal reimbursement allowed as of 7/1/2018, if overnight travel is not required.
  • Cash Advance
    • The employee requesting a cash advance should complete the UWG Cash Advance Authorization Form. The authorization form must be signed by the employee requesting the advance and approved by the employee's immediate supervisor and/or by the individual with fiscal authority for the account. The employee should also submit an itinerary for the trip.
    • Cash Advance Package (Cash Advance Authorization, itinerary, and supporting documents) must be received submitted no more than 30 business days but no less than 7 business days prior to date of departure of trip.
    • Limited to employees with current annual salary of $50,000 or less.
    • Cash Advance should not be issued for amounts less than $200.
    • Employee (whose salary exceeds $50,000) traveling with team or student group may request a cash advance for student expenses only.
    • Cash advance must be reconciled within 10 business of last date of travel via submission of employee expense report. Personal check for unused cash advance funds should be presented to Travel Department for deposit at Cashier's Window.
    • If trip is cancelled or postponed for more than two (2) weeks, any advance(s) must be returned and reconciled within 2 business days.
    • Outstanding cash advance must be reconciled before another may be issued except when travel begins within 7 business days of previous trip's completion date.
    • UWG Procedures 5.4.3 Cash Advances
    • UWGProcedure5.4.3 Cash Advances ReSigned 3.14.19.
  • Register for PeopleSoft account
    • Employees should confirm their access to an active PeopleSoft account.
    • Registration for PeopleSoft access may take up to 24 hours for processing.
    • Please contact ITS with any login or passwords issues.
  • 2019 Fiscal Year End Travel Encumbrance Procedure

    For the benefit of UWG travelers and their departments, Travel Services provides the following criteria for encumbrance of travel expenses using current budget year funding for travel that begins on or after June 1, 2019 and ends on or before September 30, 2019.

    Please estimate the expense amounts as near as possible to eliminate or reduce the risk of loss of funds.

    Encumbrance requests are submitted via a requisition by an approved departmental requestor for a PO to be created, attaching a completed, approved travel authorization.

    For encumbrance consideration, dates of travel must range from June 1, 2019 and end on or before September 30, 2019.

    A completed and approved travel authorization with the following information identified must be attached to the encumbrance requisition: 

    • Name of the employee traveling
    • Employee # of the employee (not 917#)
    • An Active Vendor Number for the employee (see details below)
    • Begin and End dates of travel (one trip per encumbrance)
    • Destination
    • Purpose of travel
    • Breakout of estimated travel cost by expense type (lodging, meals, rental car, etc.) -- Carefully consider the amounts per expense type, as these cannot be adjusted. Please see correlating NIGP and Travel Codes for Encumbrances (2019).
    • Note/Highlight on the Authorization request form that it is for "FY19 Year-End Encumbrance".
    • Complete account chart string(s) must be provided in the Account Distribution section of the request form, with sufficient funds to pass valid budget check.

    Total travel expense for requisition encumbrance must be greater than $500.00 per BOR policy and should not include items that have already been prepaid. Inclusion of prepaid items will place the department at risk for dual encumbrance and ultimate loss of budgeted funds.

    Travel Authorizations for Encumbrance requests should be submitted via a requisition as soon as travel is approved. Receipt deadline for encumbrance consideration is 5:00 pm on June 4, 2019.

    Please ensure information accuracy prior to submission of the requisition encumbrance request. Once the Purchase Order is created, it is time consuming and tedious to make changes during the fiscal year-end. Changes are highly discouraged - any change request will be evaluated on a case by case basis with significant amount of changes given consideration upon receipt of departmental approvers signature on a brief justification, and are not guaranteed.

    Requisition Encumbrance Procedure:

    • Requisitions for encumbrance requests meeting the above criteria will be reviewed for approval by Travel Services. These requisitions for encumbrance will be processed by Purchasing Services via a Purchase Order (PO).
    • Purchase orders require a valid PS Vendor ID to encumber funds, therefore before submitting a requisition encumbrance and attached Travel Authorization, departments should verify that the employee has a valid PeopleSoft Vendor ID by contacting the Office of Accounting, Departmental Assistant, ext. 95502.
    • If an employee does not have a valid PS Vendor ID, the department must submit a completed Vendor Profile and W-9 form - found on Purchasing Services Website, to establish the Vendor ID and send to Office of Accounting, Departmental Assistant, 2nd Floor of Aycock Hall.
    • The preferred method of reimbursement for this process is via ACH (Vendor Direct Deposit Authorization Form) found on Purchasing Services website under "Forms" . If not set up for this reimbursement method, please complete the form and return to Travel Services, Attention: Anita Saunders. The alternative reimbursement method for this process is via a system check, mailed to the traveler's home address of record.
    • Once a purchase order has been created, the employee and approver will be notified by email for future reference.

    Procedure Following Completion of Travel:

    • Contact Manager of Travel Services, Anita Saunders, at or a member of the travel services team to request PDF Employee Expense Report to be completed/submitted for reconciliation and reimbursement consideration.
    • Travel expenses may be reimbursed with supporting documentation up to the amount of the PO encumbrance. Any additional travel expenses above the encumbered amount may be submitted for consideration via PS Expense electronic report with FY20 funds.
    • Reimbursement of approved expenses will be processed by PS Payables system check unless using ACH direct deposit) and mailed to the address of record on employee's User Profile.
  • Miscellaneous Expenses/Procedures
    • Mailing address for these expenses should be submitted with University of West Georgia address.
    • Supplies purchased can be reimbursed with an expense report with supporting documents. Any supply expenses over $100 will be submitted to Purchasing Department for approval.
    Approved Uses of Professional Development Funds for Faculty

    Professional Development Funds can be used to pay for the following:

    1. Travel expenses for conferences (presenting or attending), including travel to archives for research. (Be sure to follow the Travel Guidelines carefully, especially for meals and when deciding on vehicle travel.)
    2. Registration fees for conferences, workshops, and seminars.
    3. Non-credit coursework or training.
    4. Pedagogical and course development.
    5. Materials:

    a. Books or films not readily available through library

    b. Research materials from other libraries or archives

    c. Journal Subscriptions (Journal subscriptions must be billed and sent to a UWG address or UWG email.)

    d. Professional Memberships and Dues (All professional memberships must be on behalf of UWG and not the individual.)

    e. Software - for work (Software must be downloaded to UWG-owned devices, no person devices.) Per ITS - All software purchases must go thru ePro system.

    f. Technology (Any devices purchased through professional development funds remain the property of the university.)

    Recommendation for Purchases

    • Instead of reimbursements, arrange purchases and prepayments through your department's ePro purchaser (or P-Card, if applicable) whenever possible and practical.

    Recommendation for Reimbursements

    • Individual reimbursements (other than travel) greater than $100 must be reviewed by Purchasing (looking for institutional discounts through the Georgia First Marketplace).
    • Mileage reimbursement: For travel less than 250 miles in your personal vehicle, you are allowed to claim Tier 1 reimbursement -- Tier 2 for >250 miles.