Forms commonly used by the Office of Budget Services are divided below according to transaction type. Navigate through the dropdowns to find the necessary forms along with instructions for completion and other accompanying information.

We have modified our request form. The most up to date copy is linked here:

Reports To/Supervisor Changes: 

Supervisors (Reports To) of positions are based on the organizational structure of a department, unit, or division.  Unless a reorganization is occurring, there is little need for a Supervisor change to occur.  In OneUSG Connect (our new Payroll, Position Management, and Human Resource system), the Supervisor (Reports To) information is tied to a position and not an individual.  The advantage of this approach is changes do not need to be made to this data element when the positions become vacant.  By design OneUSG Connect routes the approvals to the next “one up” or the supervisor next in line.

If there are any changes to your organizational structure, please visit the Human Resources  site or contact your HR Business Partner.

Time Approvers:

Time Approvers are responsible for approving leave requests in addition to hourly employee time cards.  Unlike Supervisors, Time Approvers are tied to a person not the position.  When a Time Approver leaves the university, a new Time Approver needs to be designated.

For time approver changes, please visit the Human Resources site or contact your HR Business Partner.

For Common change scenarios, please see Matrix below.

Reports-To Supervisor & Time Approver Common Scenarios Matrix (PDF, 31.8K)