The mission of Fleet Services is to provide vehicle services in support of the University of West Georgia. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service and promote safety, while providing sustainable business and fleet operations.

Fleet Services manages and provides assistance to the University of West Georgia in compliance with the standards developed by the State of Georgia Office of Fleet Management. Fleet Services is responsible for all motor vehicles owned, rented, leased or otherwise under the possession and control of the University of West Georgia. Thereby managing all policies, rules and regulations, overseeing the purchase, operation, assignment, service / repair and disposal of vehicles.

Contact: Chris Bradford - Fleet Coordinator (678) 839-5665 or email

State Vehicles - To Own / Lease

  • Are you optimizing the use of your current vehicles? How many vehicles does your department currently have?
  • Does your department have funding to purchase a vehicle? Or maintain a vehicle annually? Gas, maintenance and repairs should all be factored into the departments annual budget.
  • Identify the type or need of a vehicle - Truck, Van (Passenger or Cargo), SUV,  Box Truck (Cargo) or Sedan
  • How many miles will you drive the vehicle? Leasing a state vehicle, with limited annual mileage may be a better option?
  • How long does your department need a vehicle? Long or Short-term
  • Will your department drive more than 14,000 miles per year? University System Office (USO) requirement as of 2019
  • Additional information and comparison on leasing vs. purchasing
  • State vehicle Contract information and vehicle options, can be viewed in PeopleSoft - Epro under mandatory state contracts.
  • Complete and return the Written Justification Page (Highlighted Yellow Sections) to the Fleet Coordinator / link
  • The UWG Fleet Coordinator will submit all associated procurement documents to University CBO, USO, DOAS / OPB for approval, prior to the issuance of a Purchase Requisition to the Mandatory contract vendors.
  • Agencies may enter into a lease agreement for vehicles, in lieu of Purchasing a vehicle,  only with prior written approval from DOAS. All leasing shall be conducted through contracts established by DOAS state purchasing services and will only be valid for 12 months.
  • If damage should occur to any state vehicle, the following departments must be notified - Risk Management and University Police
  • Refer to DOAS Policy # 10 (Fueling & Accidents / Repairs)  
  • All Cart (Golf or Utility - Gas / Electric), UTV and ATV purchases are directed to Risk Mgt. for approval to purchase. Please contact Risk Mgt. for approval and Purchasing for acquisition procedures. 

State Fueling Policy - Rules / Regulations / Procedures 

DOAS requires all state owned or leased vehicles to be fueled a minimum of (1) gal of fuel every 30 days. Please reference the State policy #10 attached for more information:

Policy regarding Damage to State Vehicles

All accidents or losses that result in damage to the state vehicle (owned or leased) or a third party must be called into the claims reporting vendor as established by DOAS’ Risk Management Program. All agencies are required to provide DOAS the cost of all repairs resulting from an accident, vandalism, or any event which damages the state vehicle in excess of $200, or involves any safety related equipment. DOAS will establish a field in their Fleet Management Database to accommodate that information. All repairs must be completed and reported within 120 days of the loss or the damaged vehicle will be surrendered to Surplus at DOAS within 10 days following the referenced 120 day period. Damage handled through the Auto Physical Damage Program at DOAS will be automatically entered into the management system.

  Fleet Management Rules, Policy, and Compliance

Wex Fuel Card Training and Personal Fuel Pin

All authorized state vehicle drivers shall undergo Wex Fuel Card training. Please contact UWG Human Resources for Develop West training assignment.

  • Wex Fuel Card DevelopWest training module "UWG Fuel Card & Fuel Pump Training" will cover all aspects of fuel card training and requirements. Please contact Human Resources with any further questions.
  • Effective October 1st, 2019 - DOAS in partnership with the Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) will require all state employees, who have received and comply with all driver and fuel pin training, must complete and certify they have reviewed the Fuel Card Acknowledgement training.
  • Fuel User Agreement must be completed and returned to Purchasing at:
  • UST / Class C Form must be completed and returned to Purchasing at:
  • Any Fuel Card personal pin numbers not used for fueling within 12 months are terminated by DOAS. One recorded fueling transaction is required annually, using your personal pin to keep active. In the event your pin is not working, contact Purchasing to have reset or reissued.

Reserved Vehicles

The UWG Motor Pool has various types of vehicles that can be reserved for University Faculty and Staff:

  • Daily Rental Rate - $ 14.20 per day + mileage (Weekends / Holidays are excluded)
  • Chevrolet Impala Limited - 5 Passenger sedan ($0.31) per mile
  • Kia Sedona Minivan - 6 passenger MiniVan ($0.31) per mile
  • Chevrolet Express Passenger Van - 12 passenger Full Size Van ($0.35) per mile
  • Vehicles are expected to be returned reasonably clean or a cleaning fee of up to $ 125.00 will be charged.

Please contact Facilities and Grounds Main Office for reservation information and availability - (678) 839-6576

  • All employees are required to take the University Drivers Safety Training prior to operating a UWG vehicle. They must also possess a valid state drivers license and are a current employee.
  • Pickup / Return Motor Pool Vehicles - All UWG Fleet Vehicles will be found in the small parking area between the Campus Planning & Facilities Admin. buildings. Reserved vehicle keys are available for pick at the Facilities Admin Office between 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, except on holidays. Upon completion of trip, lock the vehicle and leave the keys in the drop box located on the building outside the WIC office.  Please place any gas receipts in the brown envelope found on the dash of the vehicle. 
  • Vehicle Request Trip Ticket - please return to Facilities Mgt.
  • Please leave envelop containing the trip ticket and all fuel receipts (if fuel was purchased during trip) inside car upon completion of trip.
  • Fuel Cards are assigned to specific vehicles and not individual drivers. Fuel Cards are generally located inside the passenger side glove box in all University vehicles.
  • Individual Fueling Pin numbers are specific to the driver only. See "Wex Fuel Card Training" tab for additional information on how to obtain a personal fuel pin number.

Maintenance / Vehicle Inspection

All maintenance of University vehicles must be preformed or approved by the University Motor Pool 

  • University vehicles are required to have at least (1) recorded maintenance service (oil and lube) each year at the expense of the assigned department.
  • It is suggest that Drivers perform a "walk a-round inspection" before each use of the vehicle in order to identify any obvious hazards or defects (i.e., broken taillights, fluid leaks, low tire pressure, etc.).
  • Monthly Vehicle Inspection Form should be returned to the Fleet Coordinator when completed (monthly)

Reporting an Accident / Roadside Assistance

  • Report the claim to Teleponic Reporting Vendor (TRV)
  • Automobile Insurance Id Card is located in the glove box of every vehicle. Follow the instructions on the back of card.
  • Report all accidents to Risk Management - (678) 839-6278 or (678) 839-6279
  • Off Campus Accidents - Call 911
  • On Campus accident reporting to University Police - (678) 839-6000
  • All Police Reports for Vehicle Accidents should be submitted to Risk Management & Fleet Services
  • Roadside Assistance Program Information