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Organize the Chaos.

The Data Science Pathway offers a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge of Statistics and Computer science, with the goal of preparing students for exciting data-oriented career opportunities in a variety of industries.

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Students will build skills in statistical analysis and software development by carrying out representative workflows of data exploration, visualization, modeling, and model evaluation and interpretation to solve real-world problems.

Students will be exposed to contemporary programming languages and cloud-based technologies that enhance data science and machine learning capabilities.


All IDS majors complete an XIDS course sequence through which they learn interdisciplinary concepts and method, culminating with a capstone project that reflects their intellectual and career interests:

  • XIDS 2000 - Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies
  • XIDS 3000 - Interdisciplinary Methods
  • XIDS 4000 - Interdisciplinary Capstone

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  • Elementary Linear Algebra
  • Calculus II
  • Mathematical Probability
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Analysis of Variance
  • Regression Analysis
  • Graph Theory

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  • Computer Science I & II
  • Intro to Computer Science in Python
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Systems Programming
  • Data Structures and Discrete Math I
  • Foundations of Machine Learning


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