The opportunity to present your research in a professional, public setting is the ultimate outcome of a research project. Students should share their scholarly work with others in the form of an oral presentation, poster presentation, or a formal paper. There are many venues for University of West Georgia students to present their work both on campus at departmental conferences or symposiums, and off campus at regional, national, or international conferences.

We encourage all UWG students participating in undergraduate research to plan to present their scholarly work at one of the following venues:

  • A symposium or conference hosted by a department or College/Discipline at UWG
  • UWG’s Annual Scholars Day events
  • A state, regional or national undergraduate research conference
  • A regional, national or international professional conference in your discipline, announced by your department or encouraged by faculty mentors
  • Publishing your research in a journal in your discipline

In addition, when other opportunities become available for students to present their undergraduate research, the Office of Undergraduate Research will share the information with faculty and students through various on campus listserves or email outlets. 

For a list of on campus and off campus opportunities to present your research, please read the information here.